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  1. And as for those pesky little pontipines, you're gonna need waaay more aperture .....
  2. Hi Phil and welcome. Let me know when you locate the ninky-nonk
  3. Hi Mike, Welcome. Thumbs up to the prof. from me too.
  4. ZZraynj

    Hello everyone

    HI Jon, welcome. I was into girls, drink and music, but got distracted by astronomy, but I'm trying hard to get back to the old ways.
  5. Hi Catchem, Welcome from Stafford.
  6. Hadn't seen it before. Thanks for that - Bookmarked.
  7. Outstanding !! The 'big guy upstairs' clearly does have a sense of humour after all.
  8. To be fair, I always glaze over when the missus tries to tell me where the dishwasher or washing machine are. So each to their own.
  9. I like the fact that it has a GPS unit on it too. So when I pop it in my boot to go somewhere dark, it'll be oh so quick to set up. Hmmm.....
  10. It's a trade off for me. I too have to get up early, but I console myself by enjoying the garden until twilight. I suspect the stars (et al) will still be there, waiting come darker evenings. Actually, I'm looking forward to Jupiter coming out to play again, so it keeps up the long term interest (for me, anyway).
  11. How about mounting a scope on the fireblade. You could exceed the speed of light by about 150 mph
  12. Going to have to brush up on my Russian I'm sure I'll get there though.
  13. Sad, but uplifting too.
  14. Wow !!!. Thanks for posting this. It's pure poetry. Sums up the beauty of EVERYTHING. Very nice.
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