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  1. Hi, does anyone know where I can get solar filter paper for viewing the sun through my telescope? thanks,
  2. rob158

    Hello everyone!

    welcome to the forum,
  3. welcome to the forum,
  4. rob158


    welcome to the forum,
  5. welcome to the forum,
  6. welcome to the forum,
  7. rob158

    A newcomer.

    welcome to the forum,
  8. rob158


    welcome to the forum,
  9. welcome to the forum,
  10. Hi, I have this scope and was just wondering if i can see anything better than the image ive posted below? this was taken with a 300mm lense then cropped in but its what I can see through the scope and 10mm eyepiece and obviously the moons are in different places,
  11. So can you use it to take photo's?
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