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  1. Thanks for the link! Simply incredible picture and useful for a newbie like me. Andy
  2. Its amazing following this. Its going to have to be an awesome storm to see much where I am though dowm at 51.3. Hey ho, give it time! Andy
  3. Bet the delivery charges were painful! Andy
  4. This thread and the comments in it highlights one key thing to me... everybody is different! Like other interests of mine, Astronomy is a broad subject with many avenues to explore. Some want to observe while others I've spoken to are only interested in imaging. Some are intersted in the planets, others in the deep sky objects that look so unreal. Also, relatively speaking in these times of austerity, kit seems very affordable. A few years back you couldn't buy a sensible PC for less than £1,000. Now here we all are, many of us sharing our interest, no doubt mainly using kit that cost much less. I know people on other forums who spend a staggering amount on travel, photography, knives & watches. Good luck to them! If people have a long list of expensive, high end kit, then good luck to them! I hope they appreciate it and most importantly enjoy it. It doesn't imtimidate though it does cause a little envy Who cares what is in a signature? Read the posts that interest and follow your own path. Andy
  5. AndyW

    Hi all...

    Hi all and thanks for the warm welcome! Lots of great advice to be had here. Looking forward to learning plenty. Andy
  6. Welcome from another newbie! Andy
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