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  1. Wonderful mosaic,well done.
  2. Beautiful images and the detail is so sharp.
  3. Very impressive pictures.Well done.
  4. That's brilliant,I only wish I could get some pictures as good.Well done.
  5. Wonderful pictures,you must have a lot less light pollution than I get.Where are you ?and what gear did you use for those shots?
  6. Amazing picture of Jupiter. I only wish I could get one as good.
  7. Sounds Like you are really lucky,Mine came with only one Camera and I had to upgrade it myself.I would keep quiet you've obviously got a bargain there.
  8. Thanks to you all for your replies,it's great to be part of such a helpful site. Here's hoping for some clear skies. Cheers Bob
  9. Hi all, I have had an interest in star gazing and also Planet finding since I can remember.Now I have the time to spend on this hobby.I also want to get some reasonable pictures of the Planets and Nebula's if possible,unfortunately I live near Bristol so the light pollution is fairly bad.What sort of magnitude would I expect to see ie what deep space objects .I find that my other enjoyment(motorcycling) has had an additional benefit in that the warm suit I bought for winter riding is ideal for nights out under the stars,keeps me warm as toast.
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