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  1. well currently im "Living" with a jessops peice of **** newt, lets just say its not at all a pleasure to use... im on a super tight budget and need to keep it about the £100 mark, ive seen a 6" SW DOB on ABS for £80 just waiting on an email reply so i can see some pics etc and then hopefully it will be mine that being said im open to pretty much any scope as long as its not from a department store! a parabolic mirror would be preferable of course, but with my budget i cant afford to be picky! cheers for all the replies!
  2. Hi all im considering getting a skywatcher 6" dob for my next scope, would anyone recommend these for a noob like myself? i am currently using a newt on an alt az mount, would tracking be easier on a dob? Cheers
  3. Wow nice price, i wish i had £300! im looking for something around £100 for my next scope.
  4. I will hopefully be attending the next meeting too, Ive got an application form from Ann now so ill be an official member next meeting what are the observing sessions like? i would really like to go observing with someone who knows what they are doing as Ive only ever observed alone so im probably doing so much wrong! cheers
  5. Grade A2- Acer One A110L netbook in Blue A2/LU.S03 - Acer Direct acer direct do really cheap refurbished netbooks, that should be okay for stellarium.
  6. HI i went to the last LAS meeting "how to begin" and found it really useful. i am going to be joining the society so i just thought i would see if anyone on here is a member? Cheers
  7. Thanks for all the advice! so would you say its definatley worth sacraficing the focal length for a parabolic mirror? it would be nice to be able to pick out more detail on planets as both saturn and jupiter appear technicolour through my jessops, i assume this is probably due to poor optics and spherical mirror? ill try to keep my eyes out for a 130p, ive never considered one due to the focal length, however i didnt know that they used different mirrors. Cheers!
  8. Cheers for the input, whats the difference between these 2 mirrors? would i be able to find anything much better for my roughly £100 budget? im about to become jobless and return back to college to study science hence the very low budget! Cheers
  9. Hi ive been keeping my eyes peeled for a new scope and this looks like it might be just the ticket! U.K. Astronomy Buy & Sell im currently using a cheapo jessops 80/800 newt on an ALT AZ mount. im currently having a lot of trouble viewing DSO's due to the tiny 80mm AP so will 130mm be much much better? does this look like a good deal? ive heard that these are good starter scopes and reccomended by sir parick moore. cheers
  10. Thanks for all the info! looks like i will be considering a mak however im happy with any type of scope, im just on a mega budget so im keeping my eyes peeled for a bargain and cant afford to be choosy. im sure anything is going to be better than my cheapo jessops scope, complete extra wobbly mount!
  11. Hah really? i mean they were the faintest of smudges but i was pretty sure that i was looking at M51 as the surrounding objects looked the same as those in TLaO. thats my second galaxy now, pretty chuffed
  12. Yeah the obscure brand and horrific colour are kind of off putting! if i wasnt in wales all week i would have had a look at it for curiositys sake.
  13. just got back in! i was using TLaO (turn left at orion) to find it and managed to see 2 faint smudges "a badly focused double star" as TLaO puts it. i was in my back garden with a street light overlooking me and the moon was beginning to rise above the fence too so conditions werent that great! i used my 20mm Ep to find it and then had a look with my 10mm and i could make out the 2 smudges nicely. decided it wasnt worth pushing it to the 6mm! it is amazing that im looking at another galaxy i decided to have a cheeky look at saturn whilst i was out too, i managed to get a really nice focus on it using a 3x barlow and the 10mm, it was one of my best viewingsa of the planet yet.
  14. you know whta, i found a really odd looking object in my garden as a kid and always held on to it, i always thought it might be a metiorite, ifi posted a pic would anyone be able to identify it?
  15. Hmmm putting to one side the fact that the guy dosent know anything about scopes.... im looking for a new scope and im on a very strict budget, i also live in loughborough, anyone reccomend this?
  16. Hi im just about to go out and enjoy the spontanious clear sky tonight! im wanting to have a look at the whirlpool galaxy, just wondering what will i be able to see using an 80mm A 800mm FL Scope? i assume im going to be looking for a black/grey smudge like andromeda? Cheers!
  17. I saw something similar on my second ever night out observing, i feel lucky too!
  18. Ahh interesting! im looking at buying my first "serious" scope in the not too distant future, maks seem like they offer a decent spec for the money, are they any good for DSO's though?
  19. Hi Can somebody please explain a little about maksutovs to me as i dont quite understand how they work or what type of observing they are best used for. i notice that they look rather small but have large focal lengths (much larger than they physically look) how is this achieved? Cheers!
  20. ill be in wales on holiday next week, gonna take my spotter with me. fingers crossed for clear skies!
  21. Enjoyed it, watched it with the girlfriend and it made her want to go out in the garden with me and my scope, so wasn't complaining as she usually waits inside:P
  22. That sounds nothing like mine...maybe there was something wrong with yours? i was getting loads of glare (still able to focus though) but after sanding the gloss surface inside the scope that has been reduced by about 60-70%. I managed to get it focused on Saturn at 60x last night and the image quality wasn't far off that of my newt at similar mags, i could easily make out the rings and the colour of the planet. so overall i would say after tweaking it, it was £20 well spent especially considering i can strap it to my back and take it wherever i wish.
  23. thats the one! I did rough the inanrds of the scope with sandpaper last night, just hoping for clear skies tonight so i can test it and report back! looking at the current weather round here im not going to hold my breath!
  24. Oh and forgot to add this on a more serious note: Planet caravan by black sabbath
  25. wow, so many classic rock listeners here. seems like astronomy and classic rock go hand in had! have we got any planet rock listeners here? Heres an astronomy related song, for pure comedy purposes (anyone who likes star trek will love this) enjoy
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