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  1. Just to let you know that Prof Brian Cox is live to answer your questions on the Guardian website today between 1-2pm
  2. I have a new router with problems of its own.. thought I was losing the plot!
  3. I am unsure if people are aware of this website but thought I'd draw your attention to it. It's called HiRise, an ongoing programme of imaging high res images of Mars and the images are accessible. "HiRISE returns images of the Martian surface with higher resolution than ever seen before from an orbiter." Click here for the link There is also HiWise, which allows you to suggest areas to be targeted for high res detailed images.
  4. oreed


    13th & 14th March 2011 - A combination of prime focus and afocal with 8mm Hyperion and TV 2x Barlow.
  5. oreed

    IMG 4542

    From the album: Moon

  6. oreed

    IMG 4526

    From the album: Moon

  7. oreed

    IMG 4516

    From the album: Moon

  8. oreed

    IMG 4513

    From the album: Moon

  9. oreed

    IMG 4423

    From the album: Moon

  10. oreed

    IMG 4413

    From the album: Moon

  11. oreed

    IMG 4408

    From the album: Moon

  12. oreed

    IMG 4317

    From the album: Moon

  13. oreed

    Hi from hull

    HI from a hull boy (b&w and the oldboulevard) living in the Scottish Borders!
  14. Nice sketch! Hmm I think as an artist I'd be able to make things out in the night sky. I must be going blind...just not seeing those Galaxies... must need a 10" Dob?!
  15. You could try printing this map its in 16 sections. or try this one. But just type in Google search for 'moom map' and click on image results (large). Sorry, didn't fully read your question, .... not sure.
  16. Thanks, appreciated. The thread itself appears to be fine but the flat end of the thumb nut inside the body has broken, which means I would have to break the rest off to remove the thumbnut, not sure of the size, I'll check.
  17. I dropped my Televue 2x Barlow and bent the locking nut thread. I tried to straighten it but ended up damaging it further, so when you screw it in the brass ring inside moves out of alignment of the screw thread. Would anyone know of any company in the UK that repairs Televue's or replace the hand tightening nut?
  18. oreed

    Travelling Sky

    Images are a combination of mounted Canon 500D on a camera tripod, prime focus - Explorer 150pds and Canon coupled with Hyperion 17mm or 8mm, all are unguided.
  19. oreed

    Version 2

    From the album: Travelling Sky

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