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  1. http://www.meade.com/manuals/TelescopeManuals/LXseries/LX-90_GPS.pdf
  2. I did actually google that before I asked and could Not find anything
  3. No it's ok Ken , I just knocked of the PDF of the link and it took me to all the manuals where I found it . Thanks again mate
  4. Does anyone have or can point me to a PDF manual download for Meade LX90 please ? Regards Rich
  5. I'll have to try this with my ED80..............
  6. I must admit I cant wait for winter early dark nights when I can go outside after tea and spend a few hours star gazing. At the moment things have taken a good turn regarding my business but is leaving me less time for late observing as i,m getting home later.
  7. Horus

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
  8. Yes.................. and these
  9. I would like to have a go at Solar observing but am not very confident
  10. Horus

    Hello everyone

    ..............and welcome to SGL from me to
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    Hello from Mid Devon

    ..............and welcome to SGL from me to
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    Astro newbie!

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    New to hobby

    ..............and welcome to SGL from me to
  17. Having been without an Iphone for the last year ( opted for a change and had a Blackberry Torch but had 2 Iphones previously) there seems to be more apps than ever now. I found the mandit?ory Stellerium and wondered what other Astro related apps people have come across . Also whats your best Non Astro App ?
  18. Thanks guys...............some interesting thoughts !
  19. As this is my first serious year in Astronomy and having started in the depth of winter , do people say out longer now and longer the night ? It was great over the winter as I could set up after tea time and stay out till 11-12 ish. Now it gets dark around 9.30 ish so it means staying out longer which will start to restrict my observing to weekends only because of work. I would be interested to hear the views from more experienced Astromomers as to their viewing habbits in summer.
  20. Hi Erica.....an Esssex girl eh
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