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  1. i changed the battery holder for a 4x AA from maplin and used rechargeable batterys,most people have this size of rechageable battery and they work out alot cheaper than using D size ones.
  2. get the 130p but be warned,i started off with this very inexpensive scope and within 3 months i bought the 200mm when i found how adictive observing was. nothing wrong with the 130 just didan't want to commit lots of money to the hobby without being sure it was for me. use a compass for rough polar alignment and see how you go.
  3. i fitted a fan and speed control to my 200mm skywatcher newt and the cool down period can be as little as 15 mins some nights. although i havent found it helps to leave the fan on whilst using the scope.
  4. Thanks guys, it looks like the 125mm rings will be the way to go. just needed to be sure before i buy them tomorrow. mind you not sure when i will have the chance to use them with all this cloud about!! Andy.
  5. Hi john,would the 125mm give me a decent amount of movement for hunting out a guide star? thing is i don't want to use larger rings than i need but also don't want to use smaller ones that limit my guide stars. andy.
  6. Hi, i have a choice of 125mm or 150mm adm guidescope rings for a skywatcher startravel 80mm scope. would welcome comments on which size ring is the best suited for the size of scope. thanks,andy.
  7. sounds a good deal,you are paying around £90 for scope and £70 for extras. motor focuser if skywatcher is £50. so if you want the ccd camera go for it. i started with one of these telescopes and was not disapointed.
  8. Hi all i have a skywatcher 200mm newt on a celestron cg5gt goto mount and looking to autoguide with it. problem is i need advice on which refractor to buy,the startravel 80 is lighter weight wise than the 102 but only has a focal length of 400mm while the 102 has a focal length of 500mm. i fancy the 102 as it would be more suited as a grab and go scope but will this put the mount beyond it's limits. would love to her from someone who is using the 102mm on this mount or has tried with poor results.
  9. rothervalley optics do the 80 ota for £105 this comes with tube rings where the st80 comes with tripod mount.
  10. you could save file on laptops drive ,transfer to memory stick then delete file from hard drive. a bit of messing around but cheap as chips! Andy.
  11. Hi,everyone,thanks for the replys not bought the 102 yet,but read that some people use the skywatcher startravel 80mm or 102mm for guidescoping knowing that i can only achieve focus on the newt with a 2x barlow started wondering if it was possible with a scope with a 500mm focal length,then when i gave it some more thought decided it may be all down to the draw tube length but don't want to get caught out buying it and finding it wont work. also the 500mm focal length would be ok in it's own right for imaging at prime focus with my canon 400d camera. thanks all Andy.
  12. Hi,this webcam needs a 2x barlow to focus in my 8in skywatcher newt with focal length of 1000mm thinking of using a skywatcher 102mm startravel,focal length 500mm for autoguiding anyone know if there is enough focuser tube travel to obtain focus with or without a barlow. thanks for your help Andy.
  13. hi,sambo. the skywatcher is for the money unbeatable. it comes with a 25mm eyepiece that is not bad and a 10mm that is a bit too small on the eye relief for me. the barlow is a skywatcher one and you could do with changing that for at least a tal. Andy.
  14. hi,john thanks for you input,when i last looked at mars through the newt it seamed really bright and washed the surface details out,then with thin cloud cover it actually helped improve the details. i wondered if the smaller aperture and lens combination of a refractor helped. regards Andy.
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