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  1. Hi All, Has anyone got the drivers for this they can let me have please? If so please zip them up and email to roy at jast dot co dot uk Thanx in advance Yours Roy
  2. I didn't think I suffered that much from Light Polution until I tried to take images over 120 seconds. The 2 images below are 180 second unprocessed exposures with a DSI 2C..............the second image has an Orion Ultrablock Filter SCT added Yours Roy (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge)
  3. If you are still having problems try the 'stark-labs-astronomy-software' Yahoo Group. That's where the official support is from the author. Yours Roy
  4. I've never used 'dodge' & 'burn' before..............what sort of settings did you use and what did you do with them? Yours Roy
  5. Taken on 10/02/08, I've been so busy I've only just around to processing it - M42. LX90 8" F10 Focal reduced to F1.5 DSI 2C 60 x 60sec imaged and stacked in Nebulosity. 60 x 15sec imaged and stacked in Nebulosity. Guided with PHD. Combined using PS Gaussian blur layer mask - See here. Processed in PS CS3. The two stacks are here if anyone would like to reprocess them and let me know how you got it to look better. (click to enlarge) Yours Roy
  6. I have been guiding quite well using ASCOM, but I want to switch to using the guide port on the QHY5, but unfortunately nothing moves 'Guide Train' - laptop usb to QHY5 - cable from QHY5 to Meade APM - APM plugged into aux port on LX90. Any ideas? Yours Roy
  7. I belong to Hampshire Astronomical Group (HAG) who meet at The Clanfield Observatory (north of Portsmouth). website They are very welcoming and do loads of practical astronomy, they run training nights as well as observing nights, monthly lectures, and proper courses if you want to pay to get a qualification. They have a superb range of scopes (look on the website) and once trained any member can use any of them. I first joined with my eight year old daughter in 1989 and we were made so welcome I have been a member ever since. I highly recommend them to anyone who lives in the area Yours Roy
  8. When I set my LX90 GPS on alt/azi to set itself up, I always have to slew the scope to both the set up stars. Once that is done it works reasonably well, you can see the star you want in the finder and as long as your finder is aligned with the scope well you can then get the star in the main scope. I find it is much the same in polar mode. Yours Roy
  9. Hi Ron, Thanx You weren't supposed to notice that Yours Roy
  10. Taken on 24/01/08, first clear night since 19/12/07 I've struggled with two main things in the processing - 1. How to merge/join/stack the two different length exposures? 2. How to get the colours in the nebula? This is what I did LX90 8" F10 - Focal reduced to F1.5 DSI 2C using Nebulosity Guided using a ST80 and PHD Guiding 29 x 120s 36 x 30s All dark subtracted and then stacked into two masters in Maxim. Then stacked the two masters in Maxim. Levels in Nebulosity. Using this tutorial (from a discussion on UKAI) I worked the curves. Despeckle, smart sharpen, colour balance in PS CS3 The two
  11. We must have met cos I joined in 1989 (I think) we were at Clanfield in the railway carraige You would remember me cos I always had my 8 year old daughter in tow Nope, that is the other Roy (Dodds)...........he's still there, but not secretary now To catch up (or if anyone wants to join) see the website, take a look at the scopes....................to be envyed Yours Roy
  12. Hi Dave, Welcome It seems both Dave and I are members of Hampshire Astronomical Group (HAG), and I think there are others members on here, but I'm not sure if they have made themselves known Yours Roy
  13. Hey, that's seriously techy Someone else poined me to this Yours Roy
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