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  1. This may be a bit old but im looking for one of these bulbs or a replacement LED. Strange one this, dont know what the exact type/name is.
  2. So i got a reply today..... Baader unfortunately have advised David Hinds that they do not perform repairs on Zoom eyepieces, particularly ones of this age. They, go on to say, probably correctly,that with the cost of shipping, parts and labour it will be far more expensive than the original cost of the eyepiece and as such they did not send a euro price through. So much for baader's custumer service. I will certainly not be buying any more of their products and advising my friends and colleagues to do the same.
  3. That starguider is 60 EURO on sky the limit, worth a try at that price i guess.
  4. Well after my Hyperion went faulty i would like another zoom EP. Dont want to spend a fortune, just saw the starguider 8-24 and looks like the celestron?
  5. Fro what i have been reading it seems the earlier ones had the problems.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. For now i will wait until they get back to me with a price for the repair, if its reasonable i might get it fixed,
  7. The first one was replaced only when t was a couple of weeks old, the second one is nearly 3 years now (could have sworn i had it less than 2 years but no receipt) If baader stood over their product they should at least repair for free as this is a manufacturing fault.
  8. I got my Hyperion click zoom and the click stopped clicking and the focus was all over the place, The piece was send back and replaced. When i was out a couple of weeks ago the replaced EP seized and when i inspected it there was a fleck inside. I send it back to my supplier and he send it back to hinds. Turns out this EP is out of warranty. I haven't even used this five times. They are now getting a quote from baader for repair. I don't want to pay to repair this piece as i have absolutely no confidence in it. Is this worth repairing or should i just toss it?
  9. dont forget jupiter can still be seen early on in the night and uranus(not that interesting)
  10. Great scope if i say so myself. dont forget to check out the "Dob Users" social group
  11. the light is a bit funny on them i think, only goes green as soon as its fully charged then goes back to red.
  12. shine a laser pointer in trough the window every now and again, that l make them think.
  13. Had a great nights observing last night. I did notice there is no such thing as a dark sky from now on, DSO are hard to see towards the north because of lingering sunlight, come midsummer there wil be hardly any observing time left. at least its not cold.
  14. At the same time they always want to see the sun.
  15. Flying to mancester friday. this vulcano is a pain in the ash.
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