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This is the monochrome version of the Cygnus 5-pane mosaic. It was created over five imaging sessions stretching from September to November 2018. The equipment used was either my Star Adventurer mount or CG-5 mount plus a modified Canon 700D DSLR with Astronomik 12nm Ha filter and Samyang 135mm lens. Each pane was made from x18-x24 300 second light frames taken with a modified Canon 700D DSLR, Astronomik 12nm Ha filter and Samyang 135mm lens, exposures were at f/2 and ISO 400. Library temperature matching dark frames were employed in the staking process as were master flat and bias frames. Stacking was done using Deep Sky Stacker and further processed using StarTools. MS ICE was then used to stitch the panes together.


© SteveNickolls 2018
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