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Imaging from East Midlands

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I know this is a poor image compared to most posted on here but this is my first image of a galaxy, that is an object I could not even see in the eyepiece or the camera screen. I had to adjust the framing 'blind' based adjustments used to centre a nearby bright star Also, its very short on exposure, 12 minutes from a total of 32x30second subs, with manual polar alignment and camera controlled by the mount's handset using the camera 'shoot' mode. I was actually pleasantly suprised I got anything at all but everything worked fine. Stacked in DSS with very little processing (there so little data to process!). So no laptop or guiding was used for this image (I know, and it shows!) Now I have proven the process, next time I will increase the number and length of subs. I would be interested in feedback from others using the Synscan camera/intervalometer mode.

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