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In the beginning...




...there was just me, a clear sky and a sense of wonder. If only I could pluck one of the little lights out of the sky, place it in the palm of my hand and admire it's beauty a lot more closely!

I finally decided after seeing some rather striking photographs of the the Moon to turn my obsession of photography and of the heavens into a new hobby. So with some research, a reasonable amount of cash (in my books anyway) I took the plunge. Tomorrow my very first telescope arrives (Skywatcher 150P) with appropriate adaptor rings for my Sony Alpha DSLR! Having spent most of my interest in Macro photography this is the total other end of the spectrum other than both involving small objects! ...it will be an interesting journey I am sure given, to be honest, I have no clue where to start other than at the very beginning, so for anyone else out there who is in the same position follow along, and feel free to add a few observations! :-)

Watch this space (as apposed to watching space!) :grin:

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