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Sketching? You gotta be joking!!!




It seems mad that in this day in age that people even contemplate sketching what you see through your scope. I'm mean, why bother when we have cameras which can 'see' far better than the human eye? All those beautiful colours and textures of nebula and far away star fields, its all lost in a sketch surely?

Well yeah in a way it is (to an imager) but if you have decided on being an observer then I think its probably one of the best things you can do!

At this point l've gotta say that l am a newbie astronomer. With 6 weeks worth of experience under my belt l'm not about to send my CV into Stargazing Live asking for a job!

I have done one sketch last week of M81/M82 but that one sketch helped me observe those far away galaxies more than you can imagine. By the time the sketch was complete I was seeing far more detail than when I started.

The completed sketch was then simply inverted in Photoshop and the result is something which actually looks very similar to what you see through your EP.

So all I can say is just give it a go. It doesn't matter if its not a masterpiece, you don't have to post it on the forum and it will cost you a fiver for some pencils!!!

I started a thread about it a couple weeks ago. Some good info there with links for sketching templates and allsorts.




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Thanks a lot for everything, Mike. Seriously, your kind words, your support, your amazing art work is an inspiration. And I don't mean that lightly.

On my own account, with Mike's art work in my head, here, over a 1000 miles away from you, I went into the art shop yesterday and got myself some brushes, black paper and chalk. I'm going to give that tip you suggested about creating DSOs a shot and see what happens.

Before work I played around a little and I really love the tender touch which is needed with the brushes and pastels and can see this will need some practice - which makes your last drawing you've shared with us even more impressive!

Once again, Mike, thank you. Here's wishing you peaceful days of light and love and dark-dark nights of very much the same.



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