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About this blog

This blog post is great for those who need a bit of help for apps that help with stargazing

Read my other guide called the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Astronomy!

Here is the link: https://stargazerslounge.com/blogs/entry/1896-the-ultimate-guide-for-beginners-to-stargazing/

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The Up-To-Date Guide on Stargazing With Electronics

Hello again! You may have read my other blog posts for beginners on stuff like this as well, and I will soon be taking all my blog posts for beginners and compressing them into a super guide! Other than that, let us begin! So, you just got the newest phone, and as an astronomer/astrophotographer/stargazer/sketch artist, want to have an app that shows you what's up that night. But the problem is that there is thousands of apps that show you everything in the night sky. Here are my top ten picks in order, and than after that some honorable mentions: 1. Celestron SkyPortal-ease of use, hooks up to Celestron Telescope 2. Star Walk- ease of use, makes life very easy for me 3. Star Rover- Great app, well made, and has great interface options 4. Star Tracker Lite- Free, large pictures and fun to look at 5. Skyview Free- Fun app, very informative, but apps are annoying 6. StarMap 3d-Great if you have kids, but also shows satellites and the ISS 7. Skyview Satellite Guide- Best app for finding satellites 8. Star Chart- Very good for bad eyes 9. Star and Planet Finder- Good for bad eyes as well, also good for finding planets 10. Sky map- Very good for smaller stars Honorable Mentions All Nasa apps Stellarium SkyX First Light Edition   Thanks for reading and recommend this to others! Happy stargazing,   MountainSkies    



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