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  1. I have a Skymax 127,one of my favourites. Light weight, very portable and will fit on most

    eq mounts or even a sturdy photo-tripod. Comes with a smart soft carry case with pockets

    for eye pieces, finder and diagonal ect. ideal for 'Grab and Go".

    Got a good deal from Ace Astonomical, whom you know, so have a word with Mark or Mike,

    very helpful people.

    Good Luck

  2. I found DEEP SKY observer's guide by Neil Bone (Philip's paperback series) very useful.

    The book lists a whole range of DSO that should be visible through a small scope at x20

    to x40 mag, double/multiple stars,open and globular clusters etc., maps included.

    Weather permitting of course!

  3. I'm looking to trade in my LXD 75 Goto mount (orrible coffee grinder sounds) for a Skywatcher HEQ-5 Goto so checked

    my local astro dealer's web page. They quote a price of £870 for this item but on looking further I found their price for

    the Explorer 200P complete with HEQ-5 Goto mount and tripod is £895. A new 8" Newt' for a pony! :shocked:The OTA

    price is listed as £240.. I have checked and the price is right.

    Shame I don't have room for another eight incher.

  4. Sorry to hear you have a droopy tube,Macavity! :D

    My 102mm has the same problem but it's cured when

    the Crayford is fitted. It's especially stiffened you know!

    O.K. it cost £159 but as it can be used on either refractor

    to good effect I still feel it was money well spent.


  5. Sorry, forgot to mention the focuser also rotates through 360


    Only down side is that the Skywatcher finderscope bracket, which

    is better than the OW one, will not fit in the shoe.Still,I think OVL

    sell the shoe seperatly. Will have to check.

  6. Hi All,

    I have just installed the Williams Optics 2 speed Crayford focuser on the

    Startravel 150. What an improvement,it's like haveing a new scope!

    All you Skywatcher refractor users out there who haven't upgraded should

    get one now. Believe what you read folks, this really is a cool piece of kit.

    Silky smooth 'snap into focus' action,focus lock and an engraved scale on

    the draw tube which ideal for the camera/imager users among us.

    In fact I find this focuser to be be better than that on the Megres 80 II and

    it works just as well on the 102mm Startravel as well. So if you have more

    than one Skywatcher refractor you can switch it over from one to tother as

    you please.

    Fitting up is easy. You just undo the 3 retaining screws on the tube,remove the

    old rack & pinnion and replace with the new unit.

    As the wife said "Even YOU can do that"!

  7. I use a Masterplug power control AC/DC mains adaptor on my HEQ-5.

    It has adjustable power output,3V to 12V and comes with six colour

    connectors,the one for the HEQ-5 being the white one. Works a treat

    on my mount and cost less than £8 at Argos. If you can't locate one

    try Masterplug's help line 0800 1695560.

    I heard that HEQ stands for HERNIAS EVERSO QUICK!

  8. I thought i might send a copy of this image to the Sun newspaper with a

    caption along the lines of.....HUGE CAMEO BROOCH SEEN ON MOON.....

    Did the Romans get there first?

    All other suggestions very welcome.

    Original still taken with an Acuter Imager plus 2x barlow at prime focus

    of a 127mm Matzutov./8507/large/image.jpg]image.jpg

  9. I have a Sky-Watcher 7-21 Zoom which does not need to be refocused in use except at

    extreme ends of the range. With a lens detatched from a 2x barlow and screwed into

    the end of the zoom the views of the Luna surface are great as you zoom in. A bit like

    a dive bomber's view homing in on target.

    Not that I've done any dive bombing of course!

  10. Hi,

    It sounds like you need a universal camera adaptor or tele-camera adaptor for eyepiece projection between your scope and the T-ring on your EOS 400.

    If you can lay your hands on the new Optical Vision Ltd. catalogue have a look under Sky-Watcher Astro' Telescope Accessories

    at the bottom of page 37 where camera adaptors are shown. I have the Tele-Camera adaptor which is a bit heavy but works fine with the EOS 350D (can't afford the 400 ) and should be O.K. with your set-up. If you can't get their catalogue the same details

    are on their web site www.opticalvision.co.uk.

    Best of luck.


  11. Hi Folks,

    I came upon this site by accident and thought ,Stargazers' lounge,what a great idea,I must join. So I have!

    I started this stargazing lark a couple of years ago from the patio at home in South Gloustershie,some ten

    miles north of Bristol (possibly the Orange Sky Capital of the South West) and have become hooked ever since.

    I'm not very good at working with e-mail so could someone tell me how you attach those cute little pictures that

    appear on the left of the forum screen?


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