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  1. Same here mate. Week off work! Been good speaking to you. Hopefully will do again soon.
  2. Hey talitha. Thanks for the message! Yes, ISS was brighter than I thought it would be. Its due over again in ten minutes or so (I've spent the last 90mins reading up on binoculars) so might catch it again before hitting the sack. Amazing to look at it and think thats there is people living on it!!
  3. Thanks JBM It was my third attempt, and now I cant understand how I missed it previously!!
  4. Just wish I had some binoculars! Although, i guess the speed of its movement may have made it difficult! I take it you saw it go over kidlands?
  5. Yes! I saw it! Fantastically clear sky, and out of no where pops up this bright light travelling across the sky. Fantastic. :-D
  6. Thanks. I am ready and waiting for the next fly over. Fingers crossed for attempt number 3!
  7. Hey all Just a quick hello and introduction. I'm Tim, from Derby, and I'm a very amateur stargazer but enjoy investigating the skies... I'm currently in the market for a telescope so will have a browse around the forum. So far, I'm considering the Celestorn 114EQ or 130EQ. Any quick push as to which is the better? Tried to find the ISS earlier, but no luck. I must be doing something wrong! I will keep trying. Hopefully speak to some of you soon Tim
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