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  1. or here GPS Accessory Kit CN16 (Advanced GT) (item #93966) / Navigational accessories / Accessories / Products / Celestron.com Edit mayberts beat me to it
  2. Nice write up, thanks for that. Sounds like you are gonna have a lot of fun with your new scope when you get it outside Enjoy Col
  3. ColB

    Hello from Ohio

    Hi Adam welcome to SGL.
  4. ColB


    Hi Jamie welcome to the group.
  5. ColB

    Hello from Sussex

    Hi Paul welcome to SGL.
  6. Hi Dreamsphere welcome to SGL.
  7. Hi Scruffy welcome to SGL.
  8. Hi Ben My understanding is that noctilucent clouds are best seen just before or after sunset and given the time on your camera that does seem to be quite a bit after sunset, but given that you were facing north and the sun never gets that low down in June I'm still thinking that maybe the answer. But as I said this is only speculation Cheers Col
  9. What time of day was the photo taken, I'm thinking noctilucent cloud maybe but I am certainly no expert I'm sure you'll get a more informed response soon. Col
  10. I ordered this book direct on Monday night (after reading this review) and it arrived today, and first impressions are extremely promising. The photos in the book are wonderful and as someone has already said the book would be worth the price for the pictures alone. Obviously I've only had a chance to flick through the first couple of chapters but I've learned a lot already, it looks like a great introduction to astrophotography and the only basic piece of equipment I am lacking is a kitchen timer! So expect to see some pics soon! Thanks Steve Col
  11. Awesome image, thanks for sharing.
  12. I think theoretically yes, it's at 48 degress south so it should rise above the horizon for anyone below 42 north. Had a quick play with Stellarium and this does seem to confirm that it is above the horizon, though lost in daylight at this time of year. Cheers Col
  13. Thanks for the replies - it does seem that even though these lights are a modern type and direct most of their light downward, because they are taller the light still causes a nuisance. I'll wait to see if this bloke gets back to me in a week or two then start chasing it up. Thanks for the pointer to the CfDS site Srbin I'll definately check that out. Cheers and Good luck Col
  14. I saw omega centauri for the first time just a couple of weeks ago. I didn't have a scope with me but it was clearly visable to the naked eye and looked awesome using 10x50s. Col
  15. Thanks would have missed it.
  16. A couple of years ago the council installed new street lighting on my street. They installed the new lampposts in slightly different positions to the old ones resulting in one lamp shining into my back garden whereas it hadn't dont before. As it only affected less than a quarter of the garden, I have learned to live with it and avoid that part of the garden when observing. This morning a local councellor paid a doorstep visit to ask if I had any concerns or whatever - so as I've seen a few posts on here recently about people writing to the council regarding lighting and getting things done (or not!), I mentioned the light. The bloke was actually quite understanding and took my details and said he would get back to me. This is a picture of the lamp in question, I know very little (ok nowt) about street lighting so if anyone more knowledgable could indicate whether this design is dark sky friendly/energy efficient that might help my case if it developes into anything. Cheers Col
  17. I think I need this book! Will order next week when I get back from sunny Scotland
  18. Just sent off my booking form (Fri, Sat Sun), hope to see some of you there! Col
  19. Very nice, thanks for the link Jeff.
  20. Good idea thanks I'll look into that too!
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