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  1. Showed my 5 year old son Jupiter for the first time. He spotted 2 of the moons and the NEB. A very satisfying experience! Went on to find Uranus after putting the kids to bed, then onto M42 m45. Great night after a long wait for clear skies.
  2. 7timer versus the met office. Anyone got a view which one they find more consistently accurate for cloud cover forecasting a day or more in advance?
  3. AlexM

    Hi from a noob

    Welcome to SGL horza. Alex
  4. Biggin Hill weather forecast - Met Office Allegedly...
  5. I've just given my telescope mirror a vigorous pounding with a lump hammer to ensure clear skies for the rest of you tomorrow. Don't say I never do anything for you....
  6. You won't regret getting a telrad straight away for a dob. The telrad on my 10 inch dob is the best bit of kit I've bought and makes navigating the sky far, far easier than a finderscope for me. Second best was the laser collimator. You'll need to get used to collimating a 10 inch dob fairly regularly if mine is anything to go by(I have to move it outdoors every time I want to use it) and a laser makes it much more simple for people like me that struggle with a cheshire collimator.
  7. AlexM

    Hi from Romania

    Welcome to SGL! Alex
  8. I've got the 5mm and I love it for Jupiter etc at 240x. No need to buy 4 Eps at once though. Buy one and see if you like it. You can get the rest quick enough.
  9. They look great. Seriously tempting at the moment.
  10. I got 15 minutes of perfect clarity, then the clouds rolled in. I was only observing at circa 85x mag, but my 14mm meade frames the moon so nicely at that mag in my dob, it's probably my favourite view of the moon.
  11. Well the scope's out there cooling down. No doubt the clouds are about to roll in!
  12. Well, we'll see. according to the weather reports, we should have clear skies over Biggin Hill tonight. I've almost forgotten what stars look like. Anyone fancy a wager on whether I get to do a bit of stargazing?!
  13. Yep I got it too. Very nice. At 2100 GMT I saw a shadow of a transit, what looked like the GRS plus another moon emerging from behind Jupiter. Great stuff, although the seeing was iffy to say the least!
  14. I got it nicely in the dob last weekend. My first since last year. Surprisingly bright core. Can't wait to see it at a dark site at some point...
  15. My 250 auto is a manageable size and the views are lovely - the flextube sits quietly in the corner and is easy to move around the decking with some modded castors. Can't speak for the 300, but I would start to struggle with the weight and bulk if it was much bigger - I'm 37 and relatively fit, but hardly a giant at 5'8...
  16. I use a 5mm hyperion in a fl 1200mm 250 dob after some fairly rigorous collimation. This gives me 240x mag I think. I find that at 200x plus mag I can get decent views if the seeing is good and I concentrate.
  17. Boo to the weather. Just getting my head around a decent glimpse of M31 and the blinking clouds roll right over. **^%$%!!
  18. Things are very nice here in Biggin Hill. Jupiter again for me. And perhaps that comet...
  19. Your description of a biro running out of ink is a great way of describing what I saw. It came and went with the seeing and is in about the right place. I've only been observing for about a year now and I'm really finding that observing detail is slowly improving with practice.
  20. I'd nearly given up on last night when I went out for a last look at 1am gmt and discovered the clouds had cleared to the South. Seeing was 'ok' - the moon was clearly 'under water' at 240x. Turning to Jupiter I realised I could easily see the NEB at 37.5X - most encouraging. Bumping the mag up to 240x in the 5mm hyperion, the reddish brown NEB was showing good evidence of festoons and there was a dark line underneath it(perhaps the Northern temperate belt?) before the polar shading started. The shading around both poles showed hints of being 'mottled' at points. No sign this time of a trace of the SEB and presumably the wrong time for the GRS. The eyepiece captured the 4 main moons beautifully, and the orb of Jupiter was obviously flattened. I can't believe how large the planet looked in the lens. I turned in about 2.15 feeling satisfied!
  21. Hi Impster. I found that astronomy is a great hobby to get into when you become a dad. Being as you're no longer allowed down the pub that often, hanging out in the back garden definitely becomes a valid use of time!
  22. His autobigraphy makes for compelling reading. A remarkable man with some controversial views. Pick it up from Amazon for a song...
  23. Ladies and gents. Thanks to the advice from the splendid SGL community, I picked up a nice Horizon mount from Telescope house, plus a cheapo Mak 90 from a fellow SGLer for camping trips/ grab n go etc... The mak 90 coupled with some cheap skywatcher eyepieces is perfect for the kids/ random adults/me to have a view. However the breathtaking view through my 250 dob of the moon last night reminded me why I went large in the first place. Now I'm looking for a quality alternative to the 90 for my own selfish pleasure. My question: How big can I go with a mak on the horizon mount before the shakes set in? 102?, 127? Much obliged. Alex
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