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  1. hi pat would have liked to come but have to give it a miss this time round hope you have a great night cu soon steve
  2. thanks brantuk i will give it a go steve
  3. Hi all does any one use the free GIMP 2 software ware processing Image Manipulation Program for astro image processing it it worth downloading it steve
  4. hear's a great link for looking at the night sky live around the world i think its been posted before but may be usefull for some of the new members NightSkiesNetwork
  5. Hi Solidedge welcome to SGL from Tredegar
  6. hi matt Welcome to SGL from gwent steve
  7. hi guy after you have uninstalled stellarium Try click on start click search click all files and folders type in stellarium in the top box click search all the files it finds will be on the right hand side you can delete you will lose all your settings you had in your old stellarium steve
  8. hi martin in the camera menu change the commumication from normal to ptp that worked for me with my 10d in windows 7 steve
  9. the beeps and buzzes you heard was packet radio on 145.825 voice is on 145.800 hear's a good link for the iss ISS Fan Club | get in touch with the International Space Station steve
  10. for the iss down link try 145.825 its passing over us at the moment ISS (ZARYA) Satellite details 1998-067A NORAD 25544
  11. altec

    Hi from Powys

    Hi Wazzie, welcome to SGL from tredegar gwent there's a welsh valleys group on here click on the community button on the top of the page to join steve
  12. Hi Paul Welcome to SGL from Tredegar steve
  13. Hello Wayne and welcome to SGL from tredegar
  14. hi think you will be lucky tonight looks like we may have some clear skies later on good luck with the Skywatcher 200P are you going to use it with your goto mount or did it come with the goto
  15. Hi meigwilym and welcome to the forum from s.wales
  16. hi merlin999 have you tried runnig stellarium in no open gl2 mode with stellarium ver 0.10.5 you have the choice in the program menu sorry i see perryellis has the same idea
  17. i have a main road at the back and side of my house our Council turn's off the the street lighting at 1am till 5am now i have nice dark sky's from the south east to the west just got to fined a way to stop the rain
  18. hi and welcome from the top end of the sirhowy valley steve
  19. hi all i have a bresser messier n-203 8"ota on a eq5 mount the weight of the ota is 9kg would a sky-watcher EQ5 SynScan Computerised GoTo Mount take the weight of the ota and run ok or would i need something better steve
  20. ok iam enjoying this interesting project
  21. i paul i have just pick up a Playstation 2 Eye-Toy camera i downloaded a program called Eyetoy_SLEH-00031 its works with windows 7 then i downloaded wxAstroCapture and the Playstation 2 Eye-Toy camera now works in windows 7 with wxAstroCapture got to sometimes Disconnect the usb lead then reconnect the usb lead to the the ps2 camera steve
  22. Hi ScruffyOne welcome to the forum lot's of help on here there's also a social group called the welsh valleys run by pat click on the community button on the top of this page for info steve Hi ScruffyOne
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