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  1. The Camera is Boxed pretty much new, Ive only used is a handful of times. Sadly with the birth of my Daughter I havnt used it at all! So instead of it being wasted I've decided to sell it. I can post if required and will throw in the camera mount and T ring for a telescope. Collection from PE16 UK
  2. This winter has been been rather poor recently. Was hoping for afew good days over christmas
  3. Ive have 2. I got mine from ebay, one metalic and sturdy and the other plastic. In all honesty they are a pain to set up, align and even capture anything with it. I must have used mine a handfull of times.... phone photography just isn't great... Just bright dots with barely noticable features. Sorry if this sounded negative lol I was just so so underwhelmed by mine.
  4. So I managed to get a glimpse of Mars in around the begining of January this year. Mars wasnt in a good position and I think was about 292.500 mio Km away. It was literally a large red dot and I couldnt make anything out when viewing. Mars will be u der 57.000 mio Km away in July this year, I faviour my 9-10mm eye piece which gives about x100 magnification. Sadly my scope cant really see much further without compromising the image quality. What differnece can I expect when Mars its in opposition? Would I see any geographical features?
  5. Kinda what I'm expecting which is a HUGE anti climax! Just the size throws me off, it was definatly higher than the plane in Z picture but appears bigger, and only appears to have 1 vapour trail, ineresting.... still baffles me
  6. Would be hillarious! Some of my friends seem to think its a meteor or a satilite..... or weather balloon lol just thought here would be the best place to go for an educated guess! Lol
  7. Really weird, thought as the moon was out I would try get a good picture at about 6pm. Then I saw a plane but didn't have a camera connected to my scope so I just quickly snapped it with my phone.......... was quite disappointed untill I got home and looked at the picture and zoomed in! Any idea what it is as it peeked my interest when I saw it.
  8. I am an absolute plumb. Its the 750D not the 650D. Used it and the flexibility of the screen is amazing, shots of the moom arw nice and easy lol tried to get Jupiter and mars in a shot but think I need a more powerfulscope or to use some filters.
  9. Spoilt myself at christmas lol been playing with settings but does anyone have any experiance with this camera? Any good tips?
  10. This is weird. I was out this morning at 5am looking at Mars and Jup literally in one eye piece lol cant wait for a better view of mars when its closer! Did take a video and afew pictures. Not the best though
  11. Jupiter and Mars definatly. There right next to each other at the moment. I want to photo both over the next few days
  12. Good mormimg all, So I decided to try out a DLSR with my scope, I have all the adaptors and would like to let you know my thoughts and was wondering what kind of experiences you've all had. So my first attempt was with a barrel adaptor when you place the eye piece in then lock the camera in place. When using this method I found that the camera seemed to be to far away from the eye piece so unless I had a perfect line of sight, I literally could see anything. Definatly didnt long enough to manually focus when I spotted something anyway! After half an hour of tracking Saturn I gave up on the hope to get a decent image or even find it! At this point I dedlcided to mount the Camera diect to my scope with out any eye pieces. Initially I thought this would give basic or bad magnification. But to my surprise It didnt appear that bad! The field of view was instantly better and you could see detail of Saturn which I was quite pleased with. Then Saturn disappeared behind a roof in the distance and I packed up to go home lol. What I did see was quite small though and I wasn't able to get a picture before it disappeared.... What are people reccomendations when using DLSR cameras on an Equatorial mouny?
  13. Silly question. I think youbposted on my post the other day. Is this scope a quick scope? How do you track targets with it? Does it have adjustments etc?
  14. Cheers, Ive seen there is a good second hand market out there so will keep an eye out, Ive got time anyway. Afew more targets this year but for next year I want a good scope to see Mars!
  15. I have an Equatorial CG-3 that came with my astro master... so nothing special and would be looking to replace as well :/
  16. Thinking this would be better than the Omni or Explorer Series. Thoughts?
  17. Thank you, Im enjoying finding my targets manually so I would prefer my money to be spent on optics rather than goto mounts. I will have a look about and let you know what I find.
  18. Good afternoon all, Ive made a lil nest egg for my next scope, having had a refractor I am now looking at a reflector. I was looking at the Celestone Omni series or the skywatcher explorer range, or even a lightbridge. I notice alot of the focal lengths wont really help me get to that higher magnification without sacrificing eye relife. Alot of the high end scopes I see have a long focal length like 2000+ but only appear to be about 500-1000mm long. How are they achiving this? I know the apature is more important but if im honest anything would be a step up from what I currently have :'D This would give me the magnification I want but the price isnt exaclty ideal. My budget is £400-£600.
  19. How was it? Im planning on looming tonight
  20. Welcome, I am also in Cambridgeshire its great you have access to that facility!
  21. So since I brought these 2 eye pieces the weather has been unbearable! Constant cloud coverage, rain, or just to much light to see anything! Although! Last night my wife asked me to take the rubbish out, and to my surprise there was a huge patch of clear sky! Ive never been so happy to take the rubbish out! So out came the telescope I Compared my 2 x2 Barlows at first using my 15mm eyepiece with my scope aimed at the moon. The omni seemed to provide more clarity and sharpness and had a much better 'sweet spot' than the compareable cheaper Celestron Barlow. Although the differences were minor not rendering either unusable. So then I decided to use the 6mm eye piece vs the kellner 6mm. Automatically notice the kellners eye relife is slightly worse than the omni, and the omni was still pretty bad lol although for observing the moon I dont think it was to bad, the kellner might aswell go into the bin but the omni was a huge increase and I was able to make out detail in craters which was a blurry struggle with the kellner. So then the real test...... Saturn! Spotted it using my 20mm and switched to my 10mm to get it linned up near the centre of my view. Then i switched out the Eyepiece for my omni barlow with my 15mm. It wasnt as clear as the 10mm although you could still see the rings clearly and the image wasnt as bad as you would think. I switched out to the cheaper barlow, I did need to adjust but results were the same as the moon, it produced a slightly worse image. Now it was time for the 6mm! This wasnt bad, nor good, I could still make out the rings but viewing just wasnt as enjoyable as the larger eye pieces. The x2 barlow with the 15mm definatly out preformed it. Overall I am quite happy, the 6mm probably wont see much use but the barlow was definatly a good buy, the eye relief and ability to have larger eye pieces was amazing and will be using it again. Was definatly a good combination! Here are some screens shots of the moon, the image with a blue squiggle is the Omni, see what you think Need to get a better camera ratger than using my phone.
  22. Cheers, would a Barlow and say my 10mm be a better option then? I am still learning with all this lol
  23. I've had a look and the Barlows do appear different. In the sunlight the lenses reflect different colours, ones more blue and the other is more green, also the OMNI has a white ring around part of the lenses, which at first I thought was just the light but it does appear noticeably different...... made me feel slightly better that they are odviously constructed differently considering they cost roughly the same.
  24. When I got my scope I brought the basic powerseeker kit from Celestron. It had a x2 barlow, 6mm and a 15mm eye piece with some filters. I overall felt quite flat about them, the Barlow and 6mm produced very blurry images. I was more shocked with the 6mm eye piece considering it should've only delivered around x160 magnification which is 3/4 What the scope can apparently use. The 15mm was fine, but found the stock 10mm that came with the scope to still be the best eye piece I owned..... kinda felt like I wasted my money. So Thought it was time I upgraded! I brought a x2 OMNI Barlow and a 6mm OMNI eyepiece! Will be good to see the difference between the Kellner lenses and the plossl lenses! Will try and photo the differences in the coming weeks Let me know your thoughts and experiences with either!!!!!
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