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  1. Heh heh, yes the old man and I have been most impressed by the quality of the doors! They'll do for now, but will almost certainly be upgraded in the future. All in all the sheet metal has gone on to the frame very well, it was just the one side that didn't want to play ball, the one that runs up to the iffy corner. I had to make a fair few of my own holes for the panels to fix to the base rail, and then when we got to the front we had a bit of an overhang. But nothing we couldn't overcome. Boy do I ache today :S I'm up rather earlier than I would have liked too, I didn't sleep well at all. Over-tired and too achey me thinks. But it will all be worth it in the end!!!
  2. 12+ hours on my feet today and I'm wrecked! :S Much progress has been made however. A massive thank you must go to my dad for helping out pretty much all day, and for coming back tomorrow to (hopefully) finish off (major construction at least)! I spent the first few hours today from 8am till about half ten tinkering about in the garage, trying to get as many component parts made up before the old man arrived. So the doors were made and some of the roof parts too. Then with the "expert" was on hand we got down to the proper graft. We had to do a fair bit of wood cutting, and an INSANE amount of screwing, and a good dose of winging it when things didn't quite go as planned. As we're deviating from the normal shed construction, due to the roll off roof, we had several points where we had to don our thinking caps. We're using bizibilders blog as a guide, and are pretty much trying to do things the same way, but we had a couple of areas where I think we've gone our own way on the build. But so far so good, it all seems nice and solid, and it's mostly square, apart from one corner at the front that's given us some trouble. We might need to rectify that as best we can when we pick up again tomorrow. But for now I'm happy. I have something that is slowly starting to look like the obsy I've been planning for months now... So play resumes at about half ten tomorrow, don't want to be upsetting the neighbours on a Sunday morning like... We have to sort the one corner that's sitting a bit high, add the roof runner rails and their support posts, and then build the roof and it's rolling frame. If time permits we'll have a crack at weatherboards and maybe the floor, but it's the wifes birthday tomorrow, so I can't be outside ignoring her all day like I did today :S
  3. Very interesting work with the wood there. Can't wait to hear how you get on with it, as it would be an interesting thing to try in my build.
  4. Right then, so my preferred merchant, buildbase, have finally entered to modern age! I found yesterday that they have at last got online prices and ordering, and was very happy to see that they came in a tonnes cheaper than anywhere else I'd looked at. So £155 and about 18 hours later a palette of lovely timber arrived on my drive I'm posting this update now as a few rain showers are blowing through and have curtailed my wood treatment efforts for the time being I had hoped that I'd be able to continue working inside the garage, but it's so chock full of obsy materials atm it's not easy to do much of anything in there... Still, I have got a bit done, 4 and a half our of six corners posts are done, but boy there's plenty more needs doing! I've not been idle the last couple of days either, even with the biblical down pours that were visited upon us yesterday. I've got the pier concrete poured now, and was that ever hard work! As I was mixing the stuff up I realised that my hole could be a bit deeper, so I took out about another 10cm from the bottom of it. I was pleased that my guestimation was pretty spot on as I only had a small amout left over once the hole was filled. My other important job was getting the shed base rails affixed to the footings. I hope they're square enough. They're not exactly laying flush to the footings, presumably because of the slightly bumpy nature of the surface. I'm not going to seal the edges yet, as I think that when the structure is weighing down on the base rails they'll be pressed down, and so I'll seal then. Right then, the sun appear to have returned for now, so I'd best get back on with treating the timber
  5. That's what the garage is for, plenty of room to haul up in there if the going gets tough!
  6. Soooooo... Extremely long time no update! Life has been rather hectic of late, but in a very good way I'm very happy to announce that my wife and I will be enjoying the pitter patter of tiny feet come the new year! So obviously this has been occupying a lot of our attention, that coupled with our fabulous British summer, and very little progress has been made on the obsy. But I've got this week and next off work, and all being well I hope to break the back of this project during that time. SWMBO is cracking the whip good and proper now, as I need to get this wrapped up and then get on with decorating the middle room as the nursery So today has been spent buying more timber, concrete and some breeze blocks, making shuttering for the pier plug, digging the pier plug hole and finally making a brace for the pier bolts. I must say it feels good to be getting back on with this project again, I'm all excited again about how awesome it's going to be when it's done! So here's the result of todays efforts. I've hammered a length of old iron bar that was cluttering up the garden into the bottom of the hole. Just a little something extra for the plug to hold on to. I've not gone for a massive plug, this one is 40x40x40cm, which I'm hoping the ~175kg of concrete I have will be able to fill. Into that I'll be dropping the pier bolt bars Progress at last!!!
  7. Slow progress I'm currently "enjoying" digging the 25+ meter trench for the main feed. I've done about 4 meters, and boy is it hard work. The weather has been less than ideal for cracking on either, so just recently not a whole lot has been done. Still, I've got a wee while until the nights start drawing in again
  8. LOL, Stephen is spot on. So it has come out, but clearly it's not done a very good job of conveying my ideas...
  9. @Tinker1947 - Super, I'll see what buildbase have to offer, as they're just down the road. @Enrico - I must give ToolStation a look. They were pointed out to my by my dad too, and luckily we have a branch just around the corner from our screwfix Today I have been thinking about the concrete plug that the pier will affix to, and whether different shapes might work better than the default cube type most people go for. For example, would a smaller top surface area with greater depth ( a ) be more stable than a large area but shallow design ( b ) I was also thinking about a cross design, so that the base is wider, much like how tripod legs spread apart for stability. Any thoughts? ( a ) side views show here in awesome ascii art ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ( b ) --------------------- --------------------- ---------------------
  10. Cheers Tinker, I'll see if I can find those locally. They're not showing up too much in google searches though. I'd want to be able to pick them up, as I'll need less than 10, so getting them delivered wont be cost effective. Given the unexpectedly good weather today I decided to crack on a do a bit more. So I spent a hot hour or more clearing off the top inch of two from the centre of the obsy area. Once it's all levelled off and suitably compacted I'll get some weed matting down to keep mother nature at bay The forecast for the rest of the week here looks like solid rain, so that's going to slow things down. That said, it should help to settle the soil where I've been hacking around today, so it's not all bad.
  11. Speaking of which... So now I wait for the warning tape. In the mean time I need to think about how I'm going to floor the obsy. As far as possible I'm going to observe the KISS principle, so it's not going to be anything fancy. Unless I dig out a good depth from the centre of the footings, which will undermine them, I'm not going to get any wooden frame in there, so my current thinking is a series of breeze blocks to act as floor supports. All protected with moisture barrier of course, as they're like sponges.
  12. No not yet... I've been debating how I'm going to run mains out to the obsy. I have two choices, armoured cable straight in the ground, or standard cable through 40mm waste pipe. I think I'm going to go for the waste pipe approach, as it'll make future maintenance or upgrades a load easier. But it is ofc going to cost me more money :S I've just ordered the "Caution Buried Electrical Cable" tape that I need, so once that arrives I can start digging an epic 25-30m trench all the way down the garden :S My father-in-law is visiting next weekend, and he's a qualified sparky, so my intention is to get the hard work done before he gets here so that he can do the dangerous stuff that requires some skill. If the waste pipe is already in place he can post the mains cable through... It's going to be a busy few evening me thinks, just hope I get a few dry ones. I found this little item that I was going to ask him about: http://www.towsure.c...#specifications It seems like a nice little bit of kit for the obsy, a weather resistant plug block with a circuit breaker built in. Today I'm going to see about removing the shuttering from my footings, and trimming off the excess moisture sheet
  13. Those are some damn fine looking gates
  14. Okey dokey, no probs I'll get myself down to buildbase to see what wares they have. If I do end up having the roof rails as several pieces I'll make sure that the join is within the main frame of the structure. The longest shed base rail is 2035mm, so maybe 1935mm of roof rail to start with inside, and a second piece with a 100mm overlap, with the corner post underit for full support. That'll give me ~2.3m of rail externally. I'm quite keen to try and roll the roof away a bit extra so that it doesn't foul any of my view to the east. I might have another go at convincing the wife that rolling the roof to the west is a much better idea, as that view is already ruined for me by a line of tall trees...
  15. Bizibilder, I've been meaning to ask you about the sealant you used around the metal base. You mentioned in your blog that the first one you used didn't stick to concrete, and that you were trying another. Did that work ok? And if so can you drop a name in here please? Actually I have a couple of questions Another being about the long rails that the roof rolls along. Are they single lengths? I'm going to need something over 4 meters, which could be tricky to transport. I'm hoping that it can be 2 parts, with perhaps a small seam for the wheels to bump over, but in reality it should be negligible I would think. And of course if you now look back at what you did and think "I wish I'd done that differently" I'd love to hear about it from you Cheers.
  16. :icon_eek::) Right now I'm taking a load off. I might have an ache or two going on... I am also VERY glad to have gone for the smaller shed! I might not be saying that when it's finished and I'm all cramped inside it, but from the building side of things smaller is most certainly better!
  17. Ok, so another fun few hours spent this afternoon But the concrete is in place! It's been down for a couple of hours now, but the rain is due soon so I might have to think about covering. The surface is starting to go off a bit already, a benefit of it being a small footing I suppose. We did make another wee boo boo... We'd filled one of the trenches before I realised it was lacking the moisture barrier! DOH! It was all packed in place by then, so not a lot I could do about it... 3 out of 4 aint bad right?
  18. Yeah, the forecast for tomorrow looks ok up until the evening... 50/50 I guess as to whether the concrete get laid or not. My understanding is that it's ok for concrete to get rained on once it's poured, is that correct? Or should I hold off as the next few days ( or week ) look pretty bad weather wise.
  19. Cheers both So here's the progress made today... I am now officially cream crackered! One slight fail on my part I had intended to place some plastic waste pipe to go from inside the footings to outside, ready for the mains feed to come in. But I forgot. DOH! >< I'll be trying to retro fit that once the concrete has gone off I guess.
  20. Hard work is right! I've been out all afternoon digging the footings, I'm sweating buckets! Coming along though, I've got the outer set of shutters in place and as square as I'm going to get them. I've got 3 threnches dug out, and now it's time for a break! When I've cooled down a bit I'll get the 4th trench dug and see about putting in some hardcore into the bottom of the trenches. One quick question actually. Bizibilder (and others I'm sure) mentioned putting a moisture barrier under the concrete, which I intend to do, but should that go above or below the layer of hardcore? I'm thinking below, but I'm concerned that the hardcore when packed down will puncture the barrier. And should the barrier be kind of a "U" shape to cover the bottom and the sides of the trenches?
  21. Yeah, money doesn't seem to go very far these days I'm worried that I'm not going to have enough saved up to get the obsy complete atm... I thought that buying the shed would be the biggest cost, but that's minor next to all the other parts that stack up and up and up!
  22. Well if, and it is a BIG if, my calculations are correct then my foundations will be approxiamtely a quarter of a tonne. That's dried mix weight, it'll goes up once water is factored in. I have two 1.835m trenches which will be 18cm wide, and 10cm deep, and then two trenches 1.775m by 18cm by 10cm... 1.835*0.18*0.1*2 = 0.06606 cubic meters 1.775*0.18*0.1*2 = 0.0639 cubic meters Which gives a total of 0.12996 cubic meters. Some literature from Wickes says that their 25kg bags will fill 0.0125 cubic meters, so I need 10.3 bags They do a deal on bulk buys, with a nice discount on multiples of 5, so I'll probably get 15 at a grand total of £70.20! Simples.
  23. Oooh now that is interesting. That's the kind of stuff I was thinking of lining the inside of my (soon to be built, hopefully) metal obsy with. Good to hear that it does have a good cooling effect FYI: You can get the same thing for £10.99 at Screwfix http://www.screwfix.com/p/thermawrap-loft-insulation-400mm-x-5m/76477 They also do a larger sized roll too.
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