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  1. Monday 2012-11-19 International Space Station through 4" Telescope (MTO11CA and Canon 550D)
  2. Skynight 2012-11-06. Telescope MTO11CA and Canon 550D with 50mm lens enjoy
  3. Thanks!! Hanuman no i didn't manage to see Io transiting... there were many rain clouds that teased me
  4. Moon and Jupiter 2012-11-02. Equipment MTO11CA and Canon 550D. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYIe0qTXMBw
  5. Equipment MTO11CA and Canon 550D Enjoy!! ;0)
  6. Sorry it's a long ago but.. here are some new video's Enjoy
  7. Moon 2012-03-28. Equipment Celestron Nexstar 8" SE Put it on Full HD sit back and enjoy
  8. Wow very nice work williams thumbs up!!
  9. Thanks Williams yes i always love to see when something go through the moon
  10. Moon compilation Edited in Sony Vegas ( Extra Zoom ) Telescope Celestron Nexstar 11" Sit back and enjoy
  11. Moon in the Afternoon 2012-02-04. Equipment Telescope MTO11CA ( Russenton ) Sony WX-10 32mm & 17mm Eyepieces.
  12. bosb33r


    Thanks all:hello2: only sad it was too cold outside, i wished i could stay longer outside and take some more shots..
  13. bosb33r


    Moon 2012-02-01 Equipment Telescope Celestron Nexstar 11" 42mm & 8mm Eyepiece and 2x Barlow. And Close-up
  14. M31 Orion Nebula Jupiter and Moon 2012-01-27. Equipment Celestron Nexstar 11" 42mm 2" Eyepiece 2x Barlow and Sony WX-10. Sit back and Enjoy:rolleyes:
  15. Telescope Tour-2012-01-16 Equipment Celestron Nexstar 11" Venus Jupiter Mars Saturn Moon and Sun pretty good weather conditions! Don't forget to put it on 1080P ;0) sit back and enjoy
  16. Thanks all only the weather was so so... in the morning it was beautiful outside after a half hour there was rain, i had to rig up the telescope twice hahaha there wasn't a bag that fitted on my scope 11" Thanks for the nice compliments:hello2:
  17. Mars Saturn Moon Sun Venus Jupiter 2012-01-13 In the early morning 05:30 Mars and Saturn and the Moon. 8:30 Sun, at the evening 18:00 hrs Venus and Jupiter (Neptune and Uranus is also to see in the eyepiece but the camera does not see the tiny star light) Equipment Nexstar 11" And MTO11CA. Sit Back And Enjoy!! don't forget to put it on 1080p
  18. Sun Sunspots 2011-09-18 Time 15 : 00 Equipment MTO11CA ( Russenton ) 40mm eyepiece, yellow filter & Baader Solar filter.
  19. And here is some fresh meat, Moon & Jupiter 2011-09-17 humidity 87% Time 1 : 00 Equipment Russenton / MTO11CA and and several eyepieces 40mm to 8mm. Sit back and enjoy
  20. Thanks all for the great comments
  21. Thanks!! Goju5 the music is from Battlestar Galactica.
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