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  1. I to have brought the SPC880 Webcam and nosepiece from Morgans,no filter as yet though.Just brought it because it seemed cheap! Never done any imaging,apart from star trails,so ive no idea what to do when i get the scope up and running,(Skymax Pro180).Have downloaded Registax,and understand that i have to remove the lens from the webcam.Apart from that im clueless:icon_confused:. Regards, Sooty.
  2. I use just the handset at the moment,version 3.27. Have still yet to finish to roof,ie weathboards etc. But,it is looking like I will have to have the weights down,scope horizontal. Sooty.
  3. Unfortunately.i don't think the roof will close when the scope is in this position.Would it be ok to leave the scope horizontal? The mount is a HEQ5,on top of a steel/concrete pier. Regards, Sooty.
  4. Just ordered all three,from Amazon.£36.53. Regards, Sooty.
  5. Can anyone recommend a useful book on observing double stars? I have Turn Left At Orion,and Nortons Star Atlas,along with Burnhams Celestial Handbook vol 1-3. Regards, Sooty.
  6. Skymax Pro180 on a HEQ5.Will the 2 weights be enough? Also have a Startravel 80,and a dual mount bar,if that helps. Another month or two before i purchase the scope,just want to be ready when i get it!!! Regards, Sooty.
  7. Ordered the Horizon heavy duty tripod,late on thursday night,arrived today.No more shaky arms with the 20x80s. Thanks FLO Sooty.
  8. Cracking shots mate.Hoping to have a go myself sometime,just got to figure this darks & flats out!! Was this a single exposure? Regards, Sooty.
  9. Blinky,which dual mount bar do you use? Regards, Sooty.
  10. Maybe a stupid question,but does it just fit like a normal dovetail onto the mount? Reason for asking is,i am hoping to get a Skymax 180Pro to use alongside the Startravel 80 which i already have.Weight is not a issue,as it will be in a observatory (when finished!!).Also,more importantly,will the mount handle it? And finally,if so,which dual mounting bar? Sorry for all the questions,but if you don't ask!!!!!! Regards, Sooty.
  11. Hope somebody can help me here,tried a web search,but can't get the info i am after. Does anyone know,roughly,the tube length? Reason being,that i am building a observatory,and trying to work out various heights etc. Thanks. Regards, Sooty.
  12. Hopefully will be purchasing the above scope in the near future. Just a few questions,(for now anyway!) Whats the difference in the colours if any? Have seen both black and gold. Which solar filter would you fit? Is there somekind of bracket available for piggyback photography? Thanks. Sooty.
  13. Hi All, I'm in the process of converting a metal shed,into a observatory. Having read various threads concerning damp/condensation,has anyone any recommendation for a dehumidifier.Obviously,i don't want to spend a fortune,but are they a 'must have'? Regards, Sooty.
  14. Sorry if this question has been asked before,but would like to here peoples views on the above scope.Will mainly be used for visual work,although i am hoping to get into imaging in the future. Would this scope serve both my needs? By the way,the camera is a Nikon D50. Regards, Sooty.
  15. Hello All, Hope someone can help me here. I am in the process of designing,a run off roof type observatory,by changing a 8'x4' shed.I am no DIY man,but my mate is.The idea is to construct a 8'x8',or possibly 10'x8'.My main concern is the height of the sides,was thinking 6.5 down to 5'.The telescope is a 10" F4.3 newtonian, on a HEQ5 GOTO mount. Any advice/help,very much appreciated. Regards, Sooty.
  16. Just checked the manual,does need 3amp/12v. I thought 300mA was 3amp:iamwithstupid:. Thanks guys, A very red Sooty.
  17. The ac/dc converter is 300ma/12v,will try Blinky's suggestion. Do you think that the extension cable could be a issue? Sooty.
  18. Tried to run the above mount,from a extension cable,and ac/dc adaptor at 12v.The red light on the mount is lit until the hand control is being used,then starts to blink,indicating low power.When i try to slew the mount it goes out altogether!This is just the mount,no OTA or counter weights.I realy want to try and get used to the mount before it goes into the observatory,which is still being built,compleat with mains electric. All help appreciated. Regards, Sooty.
  19. sooty

    Hello,from Derby

    Will mainly be visual,with the odd photo possibly. Sooty.
  20. sooty

    Hello,from Derby

    Hello everybody. My name is David,and been interested in Astronomy for roughly 20yrs. At the moment i use a 10" reflector,which is currently being housed in a run-off shed type jobby,hopefully.After which i think i will be having the mirrors re-coated. Regards, Sooty.
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