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  1. Hello, This one I needed to get it! Discovered by amateur astronomer Nicolas Outters in May 2011 it is the most difficult object I ever photographed! I let you here the catch and I hope to continue to collect some more photos this week :-) You may google for OU4 in Sh129 to find more about it! Tak FS102NSV @ f/6.3 + QSI 532WS-M1 @ -10ºC (due to the very high temperature here in portugal...30ºC at midnight). 210 min in OIII and no darks or flats for now! Regards, paulo
  2. Thanks again for the kind comments :-). I wanted to go deeper with this onein the next NM...but now I found a much, much bigger challenging object ;-). Regards, paulo
  3. Luv it :-). Great image of a great sky field, Olly. Regards, paulo
  4. Hello, thanks for all the kind comments :-). This night I got the RGB for the stars and a bunch of OIII frames! I will reprocess it soon for the "final cut"! Clear sky. paulo
  5. Hello, So the weekend arrived and so the good weather :-). Still getting more data (OIII and the RGB for the stars...) but there's already something to show! Ha from july 2011; OIII from this WE. Quickly processed im my new laptop that should not be very well calibrated! At home I use an high gloss screen...this one have no vibrance at all :-(. Anyway I let you here my first try on this one (this year :-)). I will reprocess at home....hopefully with the RGB and some more OIII data! Tak FS102NSV @ f/6.2 + QSI532WS-M1 @ -15ºC False RGB: Ha-sG-OIII Regards, paulo
  6. Well done Francis, you got it! All you need is time to inflate it :-) Regards, paulo
  7. Hello, My image was just to show the OIII layer! This is a very intersting object (with great surround neb...). I will "redo" this one with a much narrower filter soon (this one was made with the 8.5nm and 7nm Baader filters)! For now I only have this "narrower" Ha layer made last year with the FS102NSV! Regards, paulo
  8. Hello Olly, great image, congratulations :-) I will resume this one next weekend (if the weather permits) after...12 months! No, that's not weird (the envelope)! I rescued this false RGB (Ha+OIII only) made 2 years ago with the C9.25. Highly compressed too, but you may see the envelope . And there is more OIII signal all around too! Regards, paulo
  9. And yes...I finished it at 6:20 am (5:20 UT)!
  10. Hello, As in the UK here too (portugal) the sun is gone and so the transit! I've just collected these images from the SDO and made my own animation.... Regards, paulo
  11. Thanks! But they are the same image :-(. I can't delete any of it so here the one made with only 3h of data and a better flat applied. It should be the at the top! Sorry for the inconvenience! paulo
  12. I just was comparing and I think I prefer this one made Dec 2009 with 3h45min more...!
  13. Hello, A retouch of a quick IC443 made in Matosinhos/Oporto last Dec 2009. Better that the new one.... Tak FS102NSV@ f/6.2 + QSI532WS-M1 @ -25ºC Ha 7nm : 6h45 min total Regards, paulo
  14. Thanks again, you are very kind :-). Regards, paulo
  15. Hello, just a reprocess of 2010 images taken in a very LP city! The rain is here again and i'm away from my observatory so I've time to go back to old data! Tak FS102NSV @ f/6.2 + QSI532WS-M1 @ -20ºC SII,Ha, OIII - 9x 12 min each Just trying to tune color for the big mosaic I plan to make next season! (hopefully I will have much better signal to process). As allways, the color after upload is not the same as I have at my computer screen! Regards, paulo Regards, paulo
  16. Hi, I captured the data to build this "draft" last 19th Feb. I wanted to capture NGC3077 too, so I needed to rotate my camera to get the trio! Just a "draft" because I had no time to capture the data I wanted! If the weather permits I will continue next new moon . So I let you here version 1 of it (since I will do nothing, astronomy speaking, untill the next NM if I have time I will reprocess it...there's lot of IFN signal that maybe I can process and integrate in this draft!). The presence of the microlenses at the KAF3200ME and the NABG do not help LRGB processing but is what I have! And I need to get those flats too! Tak FS 102NSV @ f/6.2 + QSI 532WS-M1 @ -25ºC + G11 Gemini L: 9x 10 min R: 6x 10 min G: 6x 10 min B: 6x 10 min all @ bin 1x1. Regards, paulo
  17. This is a stunning image, congratulations . I'm on this one too with a slightly different perspective, but only got 90 min of Lum! Anyway the IFN is already showing all over . I will post the results sooner. Congratulations again! paulo
  18. Thanks a lot for the kind comments :-). Yes, I will wait anxiously to get all the data for the HST palette! But since there so many signal (nebulosity) around I will try a bigger mosaic! So much work waiting and so litlle time to do it :-) Regards, paulo
  19. Hello, Long time without a single frame captured! Finally, last weekend, I went to my observatory and captured my first 2012 image! Unfortunatelly I only had time for 45 min of Ha data for each of the 4 tiles composing this mosaic! It will be my main target for next season of the Rosette (I will make it in the Hubble palette). Anyway I thing is not that bad . Tak FS102NSV @ f/6.2 + QSI 532WS-M1 @ -25ºC + G11 Gemini Ha: 4x (3x15min) Regards, paulo
  20. Yes Owen, I have: RA (2000.0): 21h 36m 06s Dec (2000.0): +50° 54' 05" RA (Jnow): 21h 36m 32s Dec (Jnow): 50h 57m 43s paulo
  21. Thanks so much to all. John, you need to login with Facebook. Then it is easy to vote. And you may vote once a day until the last day of December. Regards, paulo
  22. Well said Olly. Please pass the message. And I did not forget the files . Regards, paulo
  23. This is really a great image. Congratulations :-). I never thought one could get this kind of signal with so little exposure time and a not that sensitive camera. kudos for this one. Regards, paulo
  24. Hi all. This message is used to provide the following information: I sent my picture of IC1396A (http://stargazerslounge.com/picture-week-competitions/156445-picture-week-18-09-2011-a.html) in a competition organized by the Bank Santander, Portugal. Everyone with a Facebook account can vote once a day. The most interesting part: if I happen to win the prize (5000 euros), it will be to support this institution to severe hearing impairment(here : home). If you want to participate please click here http://www.conteconnosco.com/trabalh...e2.php?id=1672. (and after click "Votar"). Remember you can vote every day once a day until December 31! I am happy to help the institution and you should feel happy too . Astrophotography in the service of a cause and not just for our personal satisfaction! I know it's a Portuguese, not a British, but astronomers know how the earth is small! Greetings and thank you very much. Paulo
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