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  1. Hi.I had one nexstar 8se before the upgrade to the HEQ5 pro and even if the equal mount is a better one,its heavy...I found the nexstar mount accurate,light and very easy to setup and managed the C8 very well
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    My astrostuff allong the times
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    heq5 pro C8

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    From the album: Astrostuff

  5. HI .I know the secondary housing is on place and you can tell wich side is.My question is if if you have this black OTAs and if you have,wich side the V points.Thanks
  6. Indeed i saw a good nunber of fotos with the V pointing to the sky and others pointing to the primary mirror.MIne points to the primary mirror but i would like to know if anyone has this particular black type of C8 (photto) and if the V on theyrs point to the primary too.The in -out orientation is more confusing...i can tell you ive made the experience and reversed the corrector and it permormed flaulessly giving tack sharp jupiters and beeing even the best scope on the star party,so to mi its a bit confusing this in out orientation thing
  7. Hi.I have a OTA sn S16449 and it has this etched marks on the sides of the corrector plate.Does it tell the in-out orientation?If someone has one of this black XLT otas,the point of the V shaped arrow point to the primary or out? THanks in advance
  8. Indeed.Ive managed to get the camera to work and have made a test vid and the image is superb,outstanding indeed.Im very,very happy.This whole set was a gift from mi friend Paulo Mesquita and it come with easycap.co.uk . Easycap has a great software and woks well.In terms of image,this camera is in a league completely diferent of the Phillips spc900.I heve great hopes for planetary image for this camera.I will use it ha a all sky camera with fish eye lens too.
  9. Hi.Just bpougth a Opticstar CCD cam with Easycap video capture and would like to have your opinion about this cam.How it compares with SPC900 for planetary and how easy is to work with him.Im goung to use this cam with my C8 & HEQ5 Synscan. Thanks Carlos
  10. Beautifull C9.25...a dream scope indded...The CPC line is simply amazing.All of them are great!!
  11. Hi.The CPC11 is indeed a great scope and a scope for a lifetime.If ive the money i dont even think twice.For DSO the C11 is a real killer and is a stunning planet performer...This is mi dream scope
  12. So the CSL is actually more versatile... If one has an IR cut filter on the side... thanks for the input. cheers.
  13. Hi astrofriends.I think we all can say its a pride and joy to have an OO scope.Wish i had a Portuguese company making such wonderful machines,i tell you...I think too its a bit unfair,everytime a OO discution pops out,always someone will say how poor the hardware is or some kind of problem.What i see its a company with skills to do any type of scope we want with a degree of optic precision few can match,My dream dob is the Orion Optics 14" F4.5 1/10 wave and they a r e b e a u t i f u l l !!! Wen i saw a 14" 1/4 wave sold here for 850 pounds,my heart almost stopped...You folks should be proud,very proud for having such a good master optician,very proud.I will pursuit my dream of having my 14" OO dob because is my dream and my friends dream at our local club.
  14. THis must be one of the most beautifull and exquisiste planetary newtons ive saw.Believe it or not,another day i was talking to a friend of mine of doing just a project like this.Finding a OTA and getting the 150mm ultra grade Orion Optics set,a good focuser and making the ultimate planetary newton.The mirror cell is so gorgeous... Congrats mate,you have mounted a scope that is a work of art
  15. Meade 4000 super plossl.They are very good and heap.Im very happy with them
  16. Hi Tim.Yes,the answer is yes,it help allot and the diference is HUGE.Even at home wen defocusing the image i can see the star test hugelly improved with clean airy disc without thermal issues.A simple thing wich can by of great help and its simple to do is to remove the screws you dont use and aply a filter in each.THis can be of great help too and i have in place this sistem too...Every bit helps
  17. Hi astrofolks.You can see the full article here Telescope Reviews: Mi C8 has rear vents now ! .A great and easy to do mod if you dont worry about digging holes on the OTA :D. Some pics of the mod
  18. I friends.Ive made a cooling deviçe from a litle car vacum cleaner and its working very well.Sinçe the corrector cell has two air entrançes hiden behind the retaining ring,i have made two filters for the corrector cell for the dust dont find his way insinde the OTA.Sinçe i whant the air to enter from the back end of the scope i have removed the screws which is used to had finders and othjer stuff and in the holes i aplied filters,-five of them.The air will enter from the sides of the back scope and will pass in the front of the primary mirror and the exaust through the bafles.This sistem is doing an amazing job:headbang: Hope you would like the mod. Some pics below to better understand the all process greatings Carlos
  19. What a bargain!Folks here in portugal would ask a 1000 only for the tube but this is a country of pedantic astronomers.Wish i had a bargain here like that.Great scope and hope you enjoy it
  20. Hi.Maybe on Uk the OO loss value but here in Portugal these folks wen they pun they second hand OO stuff,usually they ask above the selling priçe or close the store priçes and they usualy dont manage to sell them.Its rare to see a OO at a good priçe here and thats a shame.The causes are,-first,OO havent any representation here due to horrendous waiting time for a scope and/or poor quality hardware and any shop wants to take the risk of a nagging client phonning tree times a day to know news.
  21. Yes Russ,a great ideia indeed.OO makes the best optics we can find at a great priçe and the VX range is a advance in simplifying things.Well done OO
  22. Yup,youre right and its a relief thats the case.It would be a great loss if they would not produce that great telescopes.
  23. Orion Optics UK HI.Ive been on the OO site and i cant find the Europa,SPX and dobson range.Have they turned for the astrograph market,a more specialized maked ?Were the god quality and more cheap skywatcher telescopes have dealt a final blow on his sales strategy? Any thougths on this?
  24. OK.Heres mine hand made eyepieçe box.It has 4 meade super plossl 9.7--12.4--20--26mm and a orion colimator and a 55mm orion optics plossl.
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