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  1. Hi Chris check out astro baby,s tutorial on strip and rebuild
  2. I,m sure the one at astrofest a couple of years ago had a price tag of about £20,000 ouch!!
  3. Hi Sarah and welcome from another Essex stargazer
  4. 20" dob on fleabay
  5. you could always use a cheap o ring on the barrel of the eyepiece and it won,t leave any marks
  6. I found it difficult to tighten the locking screw with my w.o diagonal so used an o ring to raise the zoom a few mm
  7. nobbytate


    Hi and welcome from me too
  8. nobbytate


    Hi Paul and welcome from essex also
  9. Hi Kevin and welcome from me too
  10. nobbytate

    Hi Hi :-)

    Hi and welcome to SGL
  11. nobbytate


    Hi and welcome from me too
  12. Hi Pete and welcome from me too
  13. nobbytate


    Hi and welcome to SGL
  14. Hi and welcome from me too
  15. I,m 67 now and started at 58 should have started sooner!!!
  16. Hi and welcome to SGL
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