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  1. HI Fellas,

    Greeting to all.

    I am a new member (and a newbie). I recently acquired a vixen 130SF and have had (along with my spouse) some great time gazing at the sky.

    My interest seems to be growing and I seem to be on the way to acquiring an (old, discarded?) Apogee AP2 cam. I understand that it needs an ISA I/F card to make it go. Does some good samaritan know something about the parallal interface this cam uses. If I know the way the hardware/software works I might be able to make a microcontroller emulate the custom ISA card (whatever that is). Or is it some sort of a generic ISA card?

    I am 65 and retired and don't believe I will be able to afford to buy something from Apogee looking at the "astronomical" prices they quote for their stuff. If it is available. I have not seen it for sale anywhere.

    I have been tying to put this in a new thread without luck.

    Wouold be grateful if admin will start a new thread for me.


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