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  1. The two in the middle are where the 8x50 RA finder used to be. The other ones... dirt I'll fill/touch them up and repaint when the finder is resprayed later this month. Arthur
  2. It has the Ambermile clamp for side to side adjustment and screws through the dovetail to the rings for uppy-downy Arthur
  3. :D Tnat's not funny... upgrading one's kit is a serious business... :whip2: arthur
  4. News to me - it supports modded webcams as far as I knew? Arthur
  5. High? That's on the base there CC, about 4 feet high as it sits in the pic... Yes, I need a finders finder. A lot easier than getting up the ladder and finding you are 2 feet away from the target, getting down, moving the ladder, getting back up. Ooops - too far. Down the ladder, move the ladder, back up the ladder... you get the picture! Arthur
  6. Well, as you know, I finally found a little 114mm short tube reflector to use as a finder for the big scope. Here's a piccy of it fitted... Arthur
  7. Ambermile

    Hello Everyone

    That's not large :whip2: I reckon a bar, a big push-to, a decent imaging platform, a bar, something solar-ish, a bar - and maybe a couple Alt/Az mid-range refractors. Oh, did I say a bar as well? Arthur PS - You may also have to supply sunglasses as nobody here has seen a clear sky for so long they've forgotten what they are
  8. I suggest you ask them to go back and read the relevant sections, especially with reference to statutary nuisance. Arthur
  9. I'll be at PSP, hopefully looking to be clear Saturday night. I expect it will snow instead though
  10. They'll be very expensive though...
  11. Hard to work out sometimes who the junkies are and who're the pushers!
  12. Hi Robin Welcome! Nice to see you here as well, you should enjoy this forum! Arthur
  13. Yup, the longer the FL the better they are for local (planetary) and the worse they are for DSOs. Well, the big ones at least. Once you start going for the more esoteric targets (ouside the Messier catalogue) you need the FL to start to go up again. Not too much, which is why the f/10 sct's are so popular. A simple 6.3 reducer and you're covered for most things. Having said that, if you can afford an f/10 8 or even 10" refractor it would be*awesome* on DSOs Arthur
  14. I'm left-eyed too. Never had a problem with finders - although I will admit to a few panics on really cold nights. Imagine having to go to A+E with a newtonian frozen to your nose Arthur
  15. Well, C mount to 1.25" is easy. Even to 2" also. CS I'm not so sure about... Arthur
  16. What, the JG mod? Well, the SC mod is for webcams, the JG mod is for the security-cam types (i.e. the ones that stream the video direct via an AV lead). Arthur
  17. It was much easier during the presentation - we could ask questions!
  18. Be afraid... be *very* afraid... http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/astro2/Q2006/WEBCAMS_UNDER_THE_SPOTLIGHT.htm arthur
  19. True. Another option is two-pack glue, vaseline and clingfilm. Honest... Arthur
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