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  1. Only unlocking the clutches...
  2. Hmm - you may have a balance issue there as well. Arthur
  3. I've seen that a few times WH - this AR6 though has a weight ring inside the focuser assembly. Atrhur
  4. Hi Gordon Currently, there's a *whole* lot of the sky I cannot get to, either form the tripod in the way or me on my knees I only put it on the AzTech to try it out... I do see what you mean about needing an extension sometimes now though! When the rest of the mount/bits arrive I'll see what that's like. Arthur
  5. Yup - 'cos it's white Well, this one's to let me get up close and personal with the Moon and planets for drawing purposes mainly. The little CF 102 is coming back too so I think I have most stuff covered now 8) Arthur
  6. Well, finally after a bit of a relay, the AR6 was placed into my sweaty little hands at PSP As some of you will know, I was given this scope (yup, free :shock: ) but had to get it from France... the reason it was free was that the thing appeared uncollimatable since it had been dismantled and rebuilt. OK, the worst that could happen is that I would have a pile of white rubbish... but no. It appears that Meade's ideas about attaching focus assemblies is somewhat different to everybody elses and this was the cause of the problem. Managed to sort this and roughly collimated the scope at PSP but couldn't get a peak through it as I had no mount there. This evening I dropped it onto an AzTech (yes Gordon, it carried it OK with just the scope - no weights) and poked it out the workshop door as M42 was sneaking above the trees. Not bad are they? Had the 17mm Hyperion in there and was pleasantly surprised just how tight things were for an achro... especially one that had bounced around the trailer on the way home. Will give it a proper test on Saturn and the Moon soon but right now I think I am feeling rather smug Arthur
  7. Umm - the ART11002 you mean? Whatever makes you think I know about that one then... Arthur
  8. Well, NOT wood comes to mind first. Then spring clutches. Then silicone polish. Then lighter mirrors... Arthur
  9. Ummm - three (3") teflon pads on the bottom turntable and a round formica pad on the bottom of the box, 1.25" brass central shaft (now drilled to take the NGC encoder). Alt is one D with aluminium trim running on two PTFE pads on one side (pivot point has the NGC encoder as well), single 35mm enclosed ball bearing on the other. Arthur
  10. The point is valid Gordon if you are after the more traditional Dobsonian design but more recent... "interpretations" of this type of scope have come up with different construction methods and so the older wisdom does not apply to them as much. As Phil says though, the bigger the D the less picky the beasties are with balance - assuming no other method of stiction. Arthur
  11. Well, earlier this year, after several years imaging and whatnot, it occurred to me that I hadn't actually seen these things before I took the pictures... to be honest although I had bagged them I usually had no idea at all where they even were! At that point I made a conscious decision to stop imaging and get a decent visual scope... the rest is history Arthur PS - I even have a twinkly new limited edition red ART-285ex (only five made - only two released) with *all* the whistles and bells and I haven't even installed the chip in it yet )
  12. Really? So, if one only has a left one, should it be twice the size of the mirror to make up for it? Sorry Gordon, but that's one of those old records that needs to be updated - a bit like the "Twice the focal length for guiding" one. (People still stick to it even with ccd guiding :roll: ) Arthur
  13. Only if you smoke Steve. Polytetrafluoroethylene dust, if allowed onto a cigarette, will give you all the symptoms of a bad flu attack for 24 hours. Trust me - I know :insects1: Oh really? Arthur
  14. :hmph: I'm going to assume that was supposed to be funny... Actually though, on Sunday morning there were pawprints in the 20" as well Arthur
  15. ?? I thought the whole idea of this was to get the light into the focuser Gordon... Actually, it does have a baffle for opposite the focuser
  16. ... smug git wiv scope (and no pussies in sight!) Arthur
  17. Err. No - you lost me there mate... maybe I forgot to tell you that the body of the scope is 3-ply wood... only place I can mount stuff is top and bottom of the mirror box, so I can't put one of those long bars on to mount a refractor... Arthur
  18. :roll: 'cos I'd be on my hands and knees with a refractor Gaz. Arthur
  19. Quote from the Chambers (UK) Editors last year: "Following representations from various sources, it has been decided that the word "gullible" and all its derivatives should be removed from this publication henceforth. It is hoped that both Oxford and Chambers (USA) will see the reasoning behind this decision and do the same. More details can be found at... (references given). Chambers UK, 23rd May 2005" Arthur
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