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  1. the idea of the RAW mod is to get raw data, so colour or bw makes no difference. With colour though you will have to debayer the images yourself.

    Personally, with a bw I would go for it (the lack of "ears" on stars alone is worth it), with a colour then no - not worth the hassle. Make sure you save an EPROM dump so you can return the camera to standard if you mess up!


  2. Ooo - that depends on the quality of the optics... as in how flat that focus point in the cone is. If you got bad optics you get coma, which is another way of saying that the image at the focus point in the cone is distorted to a greater or lesser extent. If you can imagine your image comes to a focus over an area of (say) 10 mm, then in an ideal world you can look at all of it. In bad systems you can only look at the middle. A barlow looks at the middle but also magnifies what's there, hence a darker image with (possibly) more aberation. A reducer does the opposite and tries to look at the whole image but compresses it over a smaller area, so a brighter image but more aberation as you can now see the nasty bits on the edge of the image.


  3. It would be nice to know what the atmosphere of Mars contributes to the mining process Gordon? As far as I am concerned, the fact that there is a manned mission to another solar system body is good enough reason to celebrate... and a Moon base would be a nice staging post.


  4. Sounds about right CC - the reason why the faster your scope the more critical the focussing. Also the reason why we (Artemis) spend so long making sure ccd's are 90 degrees to the light path. Over a (not particularly) big chip like the ICX285, any more than 50 microns from corner to corner difference will show up as out of focus across an image.


  5. ... remembering it will only track in one axis and it will be almost impossible to see movement unless you look through a scope... looking at the mount and expecting to see it move is a non-starter.


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