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  1. Hi i am in learning how to collaminate my scope and have been watching videos on how to do it but am a bit stuck with adjusting the primary mirror - in the picture i took do i adjust the 3 screws to adjust the mirror ie turn clockwise of anti clockwise or do i have to unscrew them all and take that outer plate off - the reason i ask this is because in the videos i have been watching the screws are not screws but chrome knobs ?

    many thanks


  2. I do not know the manufacturer but in old parlance I would not touch it with barge pole Lol, it is far too cheap, the Tal 2x or 3x is probably your best bet or the Celestron Ultima but that is quite expensive, and one other thing you may not have thought of in your calculations is, if you mount your barlow ahead of your diagonal, you will increase you mag by a further 50% :)
    can you please explain what you mean by "mount your barlow ahead of your diagonal" please ?
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