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  1. I have recently bought 2 very good second hand TV radian EP's, a 10mm and a 6mm. While observing Saturn through my E-Lux 40mm plossl the view is good but not that much detail. Switching to the 10mm radian there is more detail and quite good contrast. However when using the 6mm radian the contrast not that good and the whole thing looked quite grainy. As the 6mm gives me 340x magnification, are my viewing results to be expected at that magnification? By the way, I live in a town with a fair deal of light pollution. Thanks, Alan.

  2. Firstly, when and why do you need to use filters? I understand that a very bright moon may need toning down a bit so a neutral or lunar filter would be useful but what about the other types?

    Second, how much benefit is there in upgrading a diagonal? I am current using the celestron one which came with my cpc 800, but the fella at Green Witch said it may be worth getting a better one.

    Finally, if I was looking to buy, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced filter(s) and diagonal.

    Thanks in advance, Alan.

  3. Hi, new to SGL, have spent the last few years peering through a 90mm meade refractor, picking up my CPC 800 tomorrow and really looking forward to it. Any help on necessary accessories / tips would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Alan

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