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  1. I wasn't even outside! It was from my bedroom, I had to act quickly as the sky only cleared for about 10 minutes
  2. So I was messing around a little with the scope tonight trying to get used to moving it around and lining it up with distant objects, just having a bit of a mess around with it really. Suddenly the skies cleared a little, I looked slightly to the east and there it was, a tiny twinkle in the sky. It was Saturn! Now me being in my room I thought this was never going to work. I opened the window and lined the scope up... I was met with a blurry little ball, I slowly turned the focuser... There it was! Saturn! It was as sharp as ever and I could clearly see it's rings, i nearly fell off my chair. Looked again, and again, and again..a bit more..This is amazing! Sitting in my room in the Southside of Glasgow I was staring at the prettiest planet of them all (well I think so anyway). So i then went to the Celestron EP kit to see if I could get some better views. The only EP's i received with the scope were the 25mm wide angle and the 10mm. I tried the 6mm celestron plossi with the Barlow and did find it bigger, but it was awfully blurry. I found this to be the case with most of the Celestron EP's. The best view I had was with the standard 25mm i received wit the scope. Sure it was a little small, but it was so sharp and that made it all the more "real" for me. I didn't have a chance to try and of the filters as Saturn soon disappeared into the night once more. So I guess my question is, what are the best eyepieces you'd recommend for this scope? Is it possible these Celestron EP's are not suited to this scope? After my brief dance with Saturn tonight I want more! It works, and I am going to bed the happiest I've been in a while. Thank you Saturn.
  3. I told you its hard to see them haha, there are two symetrical scratches a few inches apart running down toward the mirror. I'm just afraid that it's going to affect something. :/
  4. You can see the very slight scratches here, you have to look quite hard to spot them. Please tell me this won't be an issue... Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Thanks My heart stopped when I heard it sliding down..Sorry to hear that others have not been as lucky . I've checked the primary a number of times, in fact last night i woke up at 4am and had to check it again, it was gving me nightmares! But it's definitely fine, phew! I plan on hooking up with the Glasgow lot as soon as I can. Dan I am looking forward to that first night report! Hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later.
  6. Bought. I need all the help iI can get.
  7. Managed to find a suitable tension and also fit the telrad in a comfortable position. I was focusing on streetlamp pretty far away. I ended up removing the viewfinder entirely and just using the telrad. There was a moment of drama when i loosened the screws too much and i heard the back of the finderscope sliding down the tube towards the primary mirror! I think I managed to move it down in time and if it hit the primary then it was only slightly. I have had a check and there's no visible damage. However there are a couple of scratches running down the inside of the tube where the thing has slid down a bit . This shouldn't be an issue right? I also managed to focus on a star earlier but it was as if I could see the target lines of the primary mirror and it looked way out of kilter. Another £40 on a laser collimator just now. This is an expensive hobby! I've still not really "seen" anything, I'll have to be patient.
  8. There seemed to be some stars visible tonight so I thought I'd have a go at alligning the finderscope... I pointed it out the kitchen window and lined it up with the brightest star i could see. Everytime i looked torugh the eyepiece I couldn't see anything at all. When i went back to the finder it had gone out of place slightly, it seems really difficult to line it up aswell as it bobbles about a bit. I'm not sure I'm using the tension system properly. I have a little washer with ball bearings in it and I think it may have something to do with the tension system but I've no idea. The telescope is lovely but the manual provided is awful! It just says "and here's the tension system, don't set it too tight!" I'm hoping the bobbling about has something to do with me being inside? I'll need to take it outback and try. So basically I can't even line the finderscope up and have no idea if the tension is set properly. God help me if I can't even get this right. :<
  9. I'lm careful to face her away from the lightshow madness of Times Square, she'd probably die of shock if she seen that! Ahh so this isn't great for photography? Damn. I think I'll give it a go anyway since I'm not doing much else with the camera at the moment. Just had a look at the forecast and the clouds are supposed to clear a little tonight around 1AM. Fingers crossed! I'll be moving the scope into the kitchen (directly facing South) for my first go at observing. The huge window in there opens right out for some excellent views of the nightsky. It's gonna be a long day waiting. Thanks for your advice guys and gals, without it I wouldn't have gotten half as far as this.Even though I am still a wee bit overwhelmed by it all, I know I can come here and receive the best of help. .
  10. Well my Telescope finally arrived yesterday! I promptly assembled it and then checked the weather forecast...Heavy Rain and cloud all week. Just last week it was clear skies for the whole damn week. Bah! Looks like it will have to rest in the corner of my room until the weather permits. It is exciting knowing you are all ready to go... After MUCH deliberation I eventually went for the 10" Skywatcher 250 px. I must say I was a bit shocked at the size of the thing, it's like having a small rocket in my room . I think it just about fits in my friend's car so fingers crossed I'll be able to take it to some Darksky sights. I'm gonna have a go at alligning the finderscope and attaching my telrad finder tomorrow. Should I be placing the telrad beside the viewer or beside the finderscope or does it matter? Another thing is the "Direct SLR camera connection". Does this mean I just remove the 1.25 viewing lens and the camera slots in? Or do I have to buy something else? It's all a bit vague, in fact there is nothing in the manual about it. Anyway here's a wee pic... fitting it should rest next to "Starry Night Over The Rhone" Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. Great!! I'm gonna go ahead and order then Thanks everyone for your advice!
  12. Yeah that is a fair point, I definitely want to take it places. Damn. I really want the 10" but I'm not even sure the 8" would fit in the car. Currently racking my brains on how id get an 8"/10" to Galloway forest park 40 minutes away...
  13. I have already bought a telrad, a red led night light, planisphere, and the celestron lens and filter kit. Anything else i need to pick up? I think I'm gonna go for the 10"!
  14. So whaddya say? this one http://www.365astronomy.com/skywatch...c19ffc91081942 over this one Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian?. Gonna buy just now. Squee.
  15. Skyliner 250PX 10 Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope - Ovl668 - Dobsonian - Telescopes - by Skywatcher This one? In fact here it is for £400, might get this one! http://www.365astronomy.com/skywatcher-skyliner250px-10-parabolic-dobsonian-telescope-p-1971.html?zenid=657acce73776fba3c4c19ffc91081942
  16. Yeah, As nice as a 12" sounds I don't think I'd have room for it! They're almost 6 foot eh?
  17. I received an E-mail today informing me that there is a delay on the astro master so I've decided to cancel it and pick another one entirley. Over the past week my enthusiasm has gone over the £150 mark so I've decided to spend a wee bit more. I have my eye on this one... Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic - SCS Astro Do you think this is a good first scope to go for? Will I be able to use the celestron lens kit I bought? Any other scope recommendations for a budget of £360 please let me know! Thanks guys n girls.
  18. Geo

    Greetings from Glasgow.

    I know I will be receiving a x2 Barlow in the pack of Celestron lenses. I was wondering would it be worth my while investing in x3 Barlow for this scope? Or would that be pushing it? Just really want to get the most I can out of it. Thanks for your help!
  19. Geo

    Greetings from Glasgow.

    Thanks for the link Baz it has been promptly bookmarked. I wouldn't even have known about the cooling down either... I don't have a laptop but have downloaded starmap for my iphone for when i go out so between that and the net I'm all ready to go. Counting the days (hours) till it arrives...
  20. Geo

    Greetings from Glasgow.

    Thanks for the replies guys, I had a feeling you'd be a friendly lot! I downloaded Stellarium earlier and promptly spent over an hour just looking at where everything is up there and when I could maybe see it. Lovely clear skies here in the south side tonight and Im having a lot of fun with the stellarium and the naked eye. I must say I am a bit worried about having it all set up properly. The assembly seems no bother but the actual alligning, focusing and getting it all ready to go does give me the fear. Gary I will certainly be popping over to that forum and would love to come along to learn some of the basics, and perhaps see some sights. Cheers!
  21. Well after years of wanting a telescope I finally took the plunge this week and bought myself an Astromaster 130 (with motor) It was £150. I have also grabbed the Celestron Eye Piece & Filter Kit (£139.99) and a Telrad Red Dot Finder since the one supplied is apparently not very good. I am completely new to telescopes and astronomy, I know it's not going to a cakewalk but if it makes me even more excited than I am right now then it will have been worth it! I should have it in a few days. Just wanted to come say hello and ask if this kit is a good place to start? What can I expect from my first week? Thanks, please be patient with me if you can because when I say I know next to nothing about all this, I really mean it! Excited!
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