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  1. 38 minutes ago, Putaendo Patrick said:

    Checking out the specifications, the Explorer tube weighs 5.9 kgs while the Evostar weighs only 2.5 kgs. Plus it's about half the length so it should balance more easily. So in the short term you should have no problems, and you may even find the Evostar performs better!

    Thanks Putaendo for taking the time to help me. Appreciated. 

  2. Hi there 

    I am thinking about buying a new telescope to replace my Skywatcher explorer 150pl. As much as I like my telescope it's not exactly the most portable. The telescope I have been looking at is the Skywatcher evostar apo ed 80mm. My problem is that with money restraints I will not be able to purchase a new mount in the near future. Would my eq 3-2 be an adequate mount for the evostar until I can afford to buy a Heq5 mount? I do not think the eq 3-2 is a particularly good mount for the 150pl so I am hoping it won't be worse. 




  3. Thanks John. I've seen your post before ( great job by the way ). I'm not known for my technical abilities so I am a bit sceptical about drilling my scope. I was hoping for an easier solution. Hopefully, if I do pluck up the courage and I follow your instructions, I will get what I want. Did you notiuce a significant difference when you replaced your focuser?

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