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  1. I've not seen it yet. Must have a go for Neptune too. Well done
  2. So , the summary seems to be that the early SX and ATIk's had some teething problems that have been sorted out. A hint that paying more gets better quality . More people have ATIKs and SX's than QSI, SBIG. Some issues with 1.25" filters, unless the fw is really close to the chip. Mac support is OK on SX, QSI, SBIG and coming to the ATIK. Howbver the ATIK PC software gets positive reviews. Looks like there are no overwhelming preferences. Glyn
  3. I'm thinking about getting an Orion optics CT12 for visual and astro imaging. Weight of tube is 15kg, Rings 2kg assume by the time everything else is dded on it will be ~20kg. Is this at the limit for the NEQ6 Pro Synsccan? What is the appropriate mount for astroimaging this weight of telescope? Glyn
  4. All useful stuff. Daz, i see from your signature that you have a Orion Optics 12in f4 Newtonian. I'm considering the CT12 as my next scope. Are you happy with yours? Would you upgrade the focuser?
  5. Thanks for sharing that. What will you change next?
  6. I agree, good to see something different.
  7. It is stunning. I like he way the moons are in different places each day you look.
  8. There is some really interesting solar activity. Might have to buy that solarscope :-)
  9. I posted on the general equipment thread but got no response. I see from Sky at Night magazine and some threads here, that there is a new mount being tested. I am about to pull the trigger on NEQ6 or similar . Is it worth waiting? When will they be released. Is it dangerous getting the first batch of a new product or is it better to wait until the bugs are ironed out? Dilemma, dilemma. I'm getting better at delayed gratification as I get older but not much! We are heading to peak viewing season after all.
  10. Chris, Thanks for the information on Sx and Macs. Riklaunim, I'll check out the QSI. Glyn
  11. Am leaning towards ATIK but there has been some rumblings on various fora about shutter reliability. Is this an issue or just a reflection on numbers sold? Feel some affinity towards Starlight Express as I live in Maidenhead! but is costs more. Do I need double peltier cooling in the UK? While I am ambidextrous I prefer using Macs and have a spare macbook that could be used for image capture/control but some cameras have better mac support than others. So key questions are: Which is optimum KADF 8300 camera for DSO? Is it best to get Camera and Filter wheel from same manufacturer? Is mac OSX software up to it or should I use the dark side's OS? Glyn
  12. Really nice images. Thanks for sharing and well done for mention in POTW.
  13. Lovely pics, Inspiring me to have a go.
  14. Nice image. Can you give us a summary of your decision to buy the FLI? Glyn
  15. Did I hear that there is a new mount from Sky-Watcher on the way? Anyone heard anything? Is it worth waiting? Glyn
  16. Hi Lars, what did you get in the end and why. I'm considering a CT12. Glyn
  17. They are both excellent. I prefer the colour but I see what you mean about the detail. Glyn
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