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  1. seriously, thats very nice with the spc900. so no lx or amp off etc? raw?
  2. hey Mel you got a high res of that top pic? i'd like that as my desktop
  3. first pic makes it look touchable. very good
  4. 70mph imaging on a rotating planet some colour loss in that pic it was really really red to the eye .
  5. is this a worker? malc where are you lol . prob not conventional but its on a very small footprint would easily fit in the cam case .
  6. don't tell me there are 6 resistors needed?
  7. Ok got that lot . Any layout tips for a bread board setup
  8. community spirit. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN CONFIRMATION OF SUITABILITY 5 x 10k resistors 3 x BC548 transistors maplins P/c QB73Q (BC548B) OR 2N3904NTYPE P/c QR40T (if you use the latter you need to spin the transitor round due the different BCE config) 3 x 1N4148 diodes maplins P/c QL80B 1 x 1N5348 diode (ZD11V) maplins P/c AY71N (1N5349) OR 1.3W 11V BZV85C P/c N46BZ
  9. Yeah we wont want/have 1 amp flowing anywhere
  10. can't find 10k resistors at maplins or the bc 548's ! anyone got a product code list for 5 x 10k resistors 3 x BC548 transistors 3 x 1N4148 diodes 1 x 1N5348 diode (ZD11V)
  11. errr no thx zx spectrum for me i think lol
  12. hehe. the penny will drop soon i guess lol i'm just not seeing the woods for the trees.
  13. i give in. now there is a new boy in town. LX,Amp on/off and now Shutter
  14. so i was barking up the right tree with input output direction just in a very long winded way lol
  15. aha . rts and dtr are the only options so i must get a serial with the dtr as you say. just looked at a complete pin out and yes i get it now
  16. some confusion probably all my part apologies so if i want to have this component level LX and Amp off what is needed from my serial ? in the guide he describes dtr but all i have is rts,cts,rx,tx so whats what lads
  17. happens tomorrow yes? weather looking good? will many of you be doing imaging especially because of this?
  18. just ordered this as i already have a usb-232 adapter. so i'll cut it in half and get 2 out of it. not sure i'll make a second so if anyone wants the other half pm CablesToGo 3m DB9 F/F Modem Cable 81419 on eBay (end time 05-Apr-11 03:21:16 BST) . the cable is nice and light weight
  19. definately sure about that malc? aren't we sending "signals" TO the device to make it do something? so rts and tx would be outputs of the 232 and therefore inputs to the device?
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