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  1. Its a good idea to think about seating as it has such an important effect on your enjoyment but I would be careful of anything which would introduce any more wobble so as long as these are study then then should be Ok - how you find that out without buying one is the challange !
  2. Good I'm glad to hear they are working out for you - I'm probably just unlucky !!
  3. I have a pair of Celestron 10 x 50 and I find them quite good for star spotting but I fond that using them in daylight they have a weird 2 D effect. I've tried the revelation 20 x 70 's and TBH I just didnt like them . So now I'm begining to believe that although there are lots of cheap binos out there you really pay for what you get and I think that anything below the £ 85 mark is going to be dissapointing sadly
  4. TBH I never have had problems contacting them by phone although I do try to phone in the morning if possible
  5. I'm curious to know what your new binos are like. I had to send 2 pairs back to FLO as they had been knocked out of callibration by the courier. FLO were very good about it but now I'll have to buy them from a physisal shop rather than risk the hassle returning via a courier
  6. hi tubby I'm not too far from north kent in Bromley. There is a club in orpington who meet once a month and observe in the High elms country park . Once I find some tiem for myself I inted to get down there
  7. Thanks for that - yes it does look like a short tube so I've cancelled the viewing and will just wait until I've made 50 posts here instead before I buy second hand
  8. thanks for the advice he's looking for £ 100 but says the scope is worth £ 300. I know that the Sky Watchers arent much more than this . The one thing that puts me off is the fact that I cant see anything about this on the net , I suppose it could have been badged differently and then discounted. In 2 minds now about this TBH
  9. TBH I would be relunctant to buy anything second hand as I've had some bad experiences in ebay but since this was in the local paper and I'm going to see it in the guys house I have a bit more confidence
  10. yeah its a Bressner 114 / 1000 mm the photography says Exclusive on the side. The guy said it coust him £ 300
  11. Hi I've just seem a scope for a reasonable price for sale in the local paper I was going to see it tonight , are there any tips on what to look for to see if its any good or not cheers
  12. I use the google sky maps on Android and its quite good - although it does need a bit of patience to hold it in line with the object your viewing. The other nice thing about Android is that there is a Messiers Objects app which ties into it so you can call up M1 and it will show you where is currently is on the sky map
  13. Ok as promised here’s a stupid question. I hope its inthe right place I understand that we are in the Milky Way galaxy which is a spiral galaxy and we are on the local spur on the Orion arm and that all the star we can see with the naked eye are in this galaxy . So far so good BUT then I read that we can see the Milky Way as a fuzzy line which splits the night sky. Now what confuses me is if we’re in it how can we see it and how is it so small ? I imagine our solar system is in a big bent tube with stars all around it so if we’re in the tube how can we see the tube ? Is it another spur that we are looking at or does it just look small because of our distance from the centre. I hope I haven’t embarrassed myself , as I’ve got loads more questions like this
  14. thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome
  15. Hi, As per usual I jumped into forums asking questions without saying hello properly, so formally “Hello” I suspect like a lot of members here I was interested in astronomy when I was younger and somehow lost interest in it. Now I’m middle aged I have more time on my hands to indulge myself and this is one of the many things which I always wanted to do. At the moment I’m just starting off simply with binoculars getting a feel for where the constellations are and what to see in them after I feel more comfortable with that I will delve into the world of telescopes. I see my function here as to ask lots of stupid questions and offering half baked opinions which don’t stand up to scrutiny – isn’t that what the internet is for
  16. thanks thats excellent advice - I might as well spend the next week doing that as it looks like its going to be too cloudy to look at anything else !
  17. yep - thats the next action on my list Its just that as a newbie you never know if its the equipment thats at fault or me !
  18. at night looking at the moon - The only thing that I can think of is that I should have adjusted it in daylight to make sure it was all set up properly first rather than trying to adjust then in the dark
  19. Actually Revelations are one of the ones I've tried which I dont get on with -which is a real pity as they are highly recommended
  20. Hi , I've been playing around with some binoculars and I just cant seem to get comforatble with any. In fairness I am looking at cheap ones. Does anyone else have this problem or is there something wrong with me and if so I suppose the options are either a telescope or a spotter Cheers
  21. Is there any info on how far south it will be visible ? I had a quick look on the net today and could find anything
  22. Hi Just purchased some revelation 15 x 70 s due to good reviews and rushed out last night to the back garden to use them. I can only say I was really dissappointed and I wonder if its the bins or me. 1. I kept getting the reflection of my right eye in the glass ( there was a bit of light around from the houses either side of me). The only way I could stop this was to put my hand over the gap which did stop this but of course made focusing hard. 2. I focused on the moon but I couldnt quite get one image by using both eyes no matter how I adjusted the diopter adjuster I couldnt get a satisfactory image. The closest I could get was by having the lenses as far apart as possible but then I couldn't comfortably look through them. 3 . I used them for about 20 minutes but TBH I wasnt really enjoying myself and my eyes were a little sore afterwards. This morning I have a mild pain in my eyes which I imagine was caused by straining to use the bins properly.Just to clarify I have good eyesight and don't wear glasses So I was thinking are these faulty ( I bought them from a reliable stockist), does it take a while for my eyes to get used to what is an optical illiusion ( I dont use binoculars or lenses for anything else) or are there some people who just don't get on with them ! Any ideas or opinions would be welcomed
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