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  1. Very annoying..

    Supernova was clearly available at april 22 when i imaged M106. I was processing my image with color data from other image and avercooked central core of galaxy in image.

    I processed luminance data again when i saw this topic and Supernova clearly was there..


  2. China has never been focused to make quality, their target is to make money. Chinese are very focused to cut production cots and add profit, if they can find cheaper subcontractor, or add profit by changing to cheaper parts, they dont have problem to do it.

    I dont know do synta make these mounts and do they really have own factories, or are they just engineering company controllilg procuct design (copy) and subcontractor chain.

    I got my EQ8 at early october and so far it has been work guite well, exept goto accuracy/ alignment with hand controller is poor. I am using C14/Atik 460EX/optec 0,5X combo and imaging area is guite small 17x21 arcmin.

    With handcontroller i had great difficulties to get object in imaging field with goto and i am now using eqmod and CdC, and can live with that. I have to say that Goto accuracy with Cgem was better than with EQ8, and Celestron software is lightyear ahead of Skywatcher version.

    I would rather use handcontroller with gotos, but now i have to use computer.

    It is like lottery with these chinese products, if you want to be sure that you get what you paid for, you have to 3-6X your budget and take different, European or US manufacturer road. (ASA, 10 micron, paramount, astrophysics, Mesu..)

  3. I have been follow and took few images of this comet in this month, it is in easy place to find in Big Dipper, and this morning it was only 8 arcminutes from alfa UMa, Dubhe.

    I took this image in freezing -24C temperature with C14, reduced with Celestron 0.63X reducer, ATIK460EX mono, bin2. 2 min single image.

    And undersize CGEM in permanent set up in backyar obsy.

    Merry Christmas and Clear Skies for 2013 with this Cristmas star


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  4. Good start is check that 3 locking screws of losmandy "head" between head and dec ax. in mount are tight. I had problem with them earlier and get same type of problems, missed object maybe 0.5-1 deg after alignment. Screws were loose and heavy scope makes head move.

    I have one image here, (language is in Finnish)


  5. It looks DIY acromatic objective, and if its any good, for f/15-16 it should not show almost any false colour in normal use. Distortion and false colour may be effect if you keep eyepiece out of optical axis, i think it can happen quite easily with chair testing method.

    It is difficult to say anything of quality, i think you have to find tube for that and try again, or make testbench of wood. With 2,7m focal length it will be real beast to handle, mine DIY achro is only 145/2250 :grin:.

  6. Very nice images, i have also imaged this comet few times with C14/meade 0.33x reducer/ATIK16HR. It's a nice comet, let's hope that following year will show us more spectacular ones:)

    If you like to check, i have added my observations in "Taivaanvahti" , place is new Finnish head Astronomical association Ursa's observation collection database. (sorry, no English option on website)


  7. I have also find myself more and more interested about spectroscopy. So far i have been in astroimaging, but i would like to start something more serious.

    Star analyser grating could be good start, can you more experienced recommend software, RSPEC, visual spec or something else.

    My available telescopes: C14, C8, Equinox120, Megrez 90. Cameras: ATIK16HR, ISDFK21 AU618, QHY5. This spectroscopy is new field for me, and maybe i have to start by reading some books of spectroscopy.

  8. Very intresting target thank's for letting us know, your post made me try this with C14 and ATIK16HR, this is my second colour image i have ever took with b&w astrocamera.

    I think i have to try this target again with modded 1000D and h-alfa filter.

    Your spectroscopy pages are also very intresting, i think i have to start read more about spectroscopy.

    Here is image of same target


  9. Hello all

    We were very lucky here where i live at Venus transit day, weather was very good and we saw transit from sunrise (3.35 am local time)

    Only time clouds spoiled observing, was around third contact (15min of clouds)

    We were located local higher hill, with clear wiew to horizon. We had 3 telescopes to observe, My h-alfamodded TAL100RS, my friends SW 180mm Maksutov, and other friends TAL-1

    Here is some images i took.



    Venus in white light with TA100RS


    Venus in h-alfa


    Venus atmospheric glow when Venus leaves sun, this was more easy to see visually, i took short look with 180mak and saw it clearly.


    And last one. Most difficult planet image i have ever took. I made more than 1 meter black cardboard extension to my scope to block sun. Venus was about 2 degrees from sun when i imaged this, clouds also almost spoiled this and i was able to tookl only one short video.

    Visually it was easier and saw it more clearly, what a strange looking planet, ring in the sky

    But i am very happy with this, Venus ring


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  10. Thank you for kind comments:)

    Today i imaged Venus again, i was trying to catch 360deg ring, but seems that 4.5 degrees distance from sun is still too much to show it totally.

    Ring was about 260 deg. long, visually i saw it about 220 deg.


    Inverced high contrast b&w



  11. This supernova is still clearly visible in images.

    I took 1h40min images last night of M101 and found it. Must be quite of bang, i wonder how bright it would be if it happened in our galaxy

    Celestron 14 SCT, CGEM, EOS600D and sw0.85 reducer.

    25x4min ISO1600


  12. I found last night that pointing was great around a localised area but when i slewed south a large distance it jumped the 2degrees.

    It's not the mount as i have reverted back to gears so no possibility of slipping belts.

    I recommend to double check dovetail holder and dec axis connection. I had to tighten this week my 3 CGEM screws, it shows similar error. pointing accuracy was ok in small area, but totally lost when in other side of sky. Screws had come loose and connection was sloppy.

    I think so big error you have can not come from mirror slop

  13. I can recommend Baader, i have one, using it with C8 and C14. Very smooth and good quality. Steeldrive is expensive and i added Skywatcher 45£ autofocuser from FLO, now focusing is very easy.

    added images of Baader and Skywatcher marriage.


    and second one, drive is made with 60*3mm rubber O-ring from hydraulic store. Easy to take off if you want to focus manually

    "Leg" is aluminium extra part from my wife's greenhouse


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