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Focusing Probs with Atik and Filter wheel


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Last night was the first time I had the chance to use the Atik Titan with new Focus wheel on my 200pds. I assembled all the parts how I thought it should go together. put it in the 1.25 EP holder and tried to Focus. It was obviouse the setup was wrong as I could not move the focuser far enough in to bring the Camera close enough to the secondry mirror.After a lot of frustration I gave up and came in, and started all over again with the parts provided and ended up with the second configration which seemed to work.

Had to make a small washer from cardboard so the screw on the 2" holder did not rub on the filters in the wheel but it seemed to work

see attached picture.

So I now have the Camera screwed onto the double screw adaptor which also screws into the wheel. the 2" EP holder is then screwed onto the other side of the wheel and that then fits into the Focuser using the two locking screws to hold it in position.

Will take it out and try it on a distant object.

If anybody has the same set up would appreciate any advice



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Any serious imaging with that scope, you'll have to change the focuser anyway..

But have you tried focusing the camera without the filter wheel being installed. I think I remember Phil (Geppetto) who done a review of this camera stating he had used his 150P DS with the stock focuser...



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It has the dual speed focuser which now comes with the 200pds so getting fine focus is not a problem.

But if you use the 1.25" nose male and femail that comes with the Filter wheel then you have to a very long set up

Used my dslr on it OK using a T ring straight onto the focuser. Have also done it without the wheel ad it focuses OK, The wheel moves the the camera a good 35mm further from the focuser

The problem was getting the set up with Camera and filter wheel close enough to the secondary.

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Ok have mounted it the same as the DSLR except for the T butted right up to the focuser. Seems to work and got focus mid range on the focuser at some trees about 3/4 mile away.

If get a clear sky tonight will try again :)

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