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m81 and m82

harry page

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I have been struggling to get my H35 camera to work with my 14" newt, I just cant get the flats to work :(

I managed to save a few hours on M81 and m82 , not got the colour right but hey ho :)

You might just see the IFN if you look hard , but my bad flats ruined most of it :)

Full version is here http://www.harrysastroshed.com/Image%20html/m81m82.HTML

Regards Harry

Edit here is the colour mess I had to work with , without DBE from Pixinsight there would have been no hope



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Pity about the flats Harry, but even so, you've created a superb image. Very colourful, and the flux can be seen alright.

Have you finished processing it, or will you return to it again?



Yes a revist is required when the cobwebs have cleared.

I am new at this RGB thing and need some more practice :)


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Lovely image, and i feel guilty as hell saying it but too many diffraction spikes. I am not an imager so feel free to tell me to go forth and multiply.


Thanks for looking :)

Sorry about the spikes , but is a hazard when using a newt to image :(


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The bigger the version you look at the better this gets. Not often you can say that so quite an achievement...

Well done on the cussed loathsome impossible Flux! Blowed if I could get anywhere with it.

You have pulled out details rarely seen both in terms of things faint and in terms of things small. I'm going to say, though, that I'm not a wavelets fan. I feel that faint small scale contrasts get turned into coarser, more emphatic ones. PI wavelets have a definite 'look' to them - but now you are going to tell me you didn't use them!!

Cracking image. I'd like it just a little softer.


BTW, this has the Karel Teuwen look, especially that charcoal black sky. I never get that look. How's it done??


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