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Help with HEQ5 variants

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Hello everyone,

I'd like someone to clarify what the different variants of the HEQ5 mount are. I know that there are three variants:

The standard HEQ5

The HEQ5 syntrek

The HEQ5 pro synscan

I was under the impression that the HEQ5 standard was a non got mount with manual operation, i.e no motors. The HEQ5 syntrek was a non goto mount but has motor drives which can be used to track objects. The HEQ5 pro synscan is a full goto mount.

I have been browsing online and some adverts suggest that the standard HEQ5 has motor drives. Is this the case? If so what is the difference between the standard and syntrek variants? Hope someone can clarify for me.

Many thanks


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As far as I know the syntrek has everything but the hand controller but can be hooked up to a laptop with a lead and then the laptop act as the goto controller

This seems a popular thing to do as the laptop is a bit more versatile for goto option

Hope that helps a little

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The standard HEQ5 has basic RA and DEC drives fitted has standard. The HEQ5 Syntrek and HEQ5 Pro Synscan are the same mount, the syntrek mount uses a basic handset that provides slewing and tracking speeds but not goto. The Synscan mount has the goto handset.


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EQ5 is rated at 9Kg, HEQ5 at 18 Kg.

Significantly bigger and heavier.

If you are bothered by the size find somewhere to compare the 2 mounts. I have both, I bought the EQ5 owing to the size of the HEQ5. It is a lot easier to haul around for the more "casual" observing.

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Hello Ed

I use a HEQ5 Pro Syntrek with a netbook to control the mount.

If you are going to be doing AP then chances are you will be already using a laptop to control the guide camera and/or your camera so you may as well save some money ,forget the GoTo, and just use some free planetarium software to control the mount.

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Thank you very much for the responses. I think I've made my mind up now. I think I'll be going for the HEQ5 syntrek. I'll just download some control software on my laptop.

One other question. Presumably I'll need a generator or large battery to use the scope away from home? I'll have a look online for one now.

Thanks again


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