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Plato and surrounding region

neil phillips

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Cheers Kevin

I think the Astronomiks have got those coatings so its blocked for me. but if you use a cheap filter it wont have those coatings, so maybe worth using both. But i used a cheap deep red filter w25A once on the moon. and the results were ok. it didnt seem to hinder the perfomance without IR UV block. but i didnt do a comparison, so was only a impression. I know Tony gondola, actually says a IR UV block is better than a red filter. meaning JUST a IR UV block alone, is better. Ive never really done the experiments on any of this. though i once got a nice Clavius Moretus mosaic with just a IR UV block, and nothing else. but the general opinon is Red filter will help poor seeing. i dont think it would hurt to block IR UV if you use a filter thats not coated with rejection coatings

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Thanks for reply Neil, I actually carried out a test earlier in the year on the moon, using 1) no filter, 2) UV/IR, 3) Deep red, 4) both filters and I couldn't tell much difference! However, the moon was above the magical 60 degrees, seeing was great and my scope had fully cooled down, so it doesn't surprise me.

That being said, when I imaged Saturn on Saturday night there was a huge difference between the deep red and UV/IR filter, much steadier and not 'boiling' like crazy. I'm therefore very interested in trying the red filter again for next moon shots, particularly if the seeing is bad.



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