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Is this good news I wonder?


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Well, South Gloucestershire Council have agreed to turn off most streetlight after 12:00, including the one that shines into my back garden :)

Now there is some great news! I am very happy for you and slightly jealous... :p I hope mine will do the same.

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The road I live on is classed as a main through road - but that only really applies between 8-18.00 - after that it is fairly quiet. Trouble is they have the very high, and high-powered, orange bulbs in them.

I'm able to hide away round the back of the house, but the orange glow can still be used to (almost) read at the far end. Some 30m away from the light!

It would be briliant if they could be dimmed - by 50% would make a massive difference to my seeing (and sleep!).

I'll watch this with much interest! Cheers

(Often tempted to shin-up and attach some sort of wooden blocker! :))

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I have contacted the council before about enquiring whether they could be turned off later at night. The predictable answer was no but what was interesting was that the gentleman did say that he has a lot of astronomers contact him, raising similar questions.

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