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Skywatcher 200p

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Hi Guys,

Well it finally arrived yesterday. The boxes were much bigger than I expected, although the only other experience I had of such things was with our Celesttron 127, but my word he's a big boy!!

After unpackaging the mount and setting out all the bits and pieces I have to admit to being a little daunted by the prospect. However after an hour my girlfriend and I had set up the lot and stood back to admire our work. Both of us were amazed!! We then tested the Goto handset was operational by attaching to the powertank (many thanks for the advice Brantuk :)). All systems were go.

Outside was cloudy, and tonights forecast doesnt look too good at the moment but heres hoping eh? So does anyone else have this scope with an EQ5 Goto mount? Any tips or advice on using it, what to do on our first night out.

I'ev attached a photo of our first and second scopes for your enjoyment!

Cheers All - Clear Skies :p


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Lucky you,

I'm very envious as I've been waiting for the 200 PDS since mid January. No sign of it so far, but according to FLO it seems that my wait may be over soon.


Yeh, I spoke to Martin yesterday at FLO, they aririved in stock yesterday...I've ordered one to

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Your first time out should perhaps be in the daytime, whilst still light. Then you can check the collimation, if only roughly, line up your finder, check for backlash in the motors, check for play in the mount axes, tighten up tripod bolts. All these are a pain if you find they need attention in the dark!


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Well we are still struggling with the Goto system. We cant polar align as such due to us not being able to see Polaris! However we have entered our co-ordinates, date, time, etc and tried a 3 star alignment, but it just doesnt seem to be very accurate. Still, we'll keep plugging away and see if we get an improvement tonight :)

Clear Skies!

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