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Question on how to mount...

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Hello all,

I've been lurking for a while, and I finally got my first telescope! The only problem, is I am having problems with the mounting. None of the holes seem to match up on the dovetail mount to the "O" rings that were included. I could use the center hole, but it doesn't provide enough stability. Am I just missing something really simple?

Here are some pictures for reference. I hope my question makes some sort of sense....



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Welcome to SGL

I'm a little confused by what you have shown in the photograph. I recognise ADM's Vixen style dovetail but I'm not sure about the other piece. Have you photographed the base of the scope's mounting rings?

If so, both mounting rings are attached perpendicular to the dovetail. With both rings installed and bolted tightly through the dovetail, you should find that the stability improves. Unfortunately, this design of dovetail doesn't provide much of a platform on which to attach the mounting rings.

What scope are you mounting and onto which mount?



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Thanks for the prompt reply!

Sorry for not clarifying, that was indeed the base of the O ring. I am mounting it on a Sky-Watcher alt-az mount (Sky-Watcher AZ4 Alt-Azimuth Mount & NEQ5 Steel Tripod - AZ4-NEQ5 - OPT Telescopes) with a 90mm refractor.

But basically, just use both rings in the center, and that should provide enough stability? Cheers, I'll try that now.

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