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Anyone dealt with F1 Telescopes?


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Hi all,

I've just ordered an AZ4 Mount and dovetail plate from F1 Telescopes, due to them having the lowest price on both items.

I've looked through these forums, and found nothing on F1 Telescopes, so was wondering, has anyone dealt with them in the past?


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181.95 from F1 (who you obviously know absolutely nothing about) and 180.00 from FLO about whom there is ample evidence that they have a solid reputation.

So I'm confused ???? help me here

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No, I ordered the Aluminium legged version, for approx £130 from F1 Telescopes

I know about First Light Optics, Rother Valley Optics and Ace Cameras, it's just that those shops didn't have the Aluminium version.

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Well, I have had a quick look and F1 Telescopes are also F1 Cameras who also sell RC Helicopters and other stuff under different `F1` banners... still with me?

OK, I purchased an RC Helicopter off them last year as they were the cheapest and delivery took a couple of days - it turned up well packaged and worked a treat - so take from that what you will but from that I`d say they seem OK. I think they are more likely `drop shippers` than stockists and not really `into` astronomy so I doubt you could rely on them to advise you what equipment would be best for what situation. But if you know what you want then thats not an issue I guess.

EDIT - just looked again and they actually do seem to have a shopfront presence and store one can browse around - so maybe I`m wrong on the `drop ship` statement.

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I am a 'newbie' and found F1 Telescopes to be of great use to me. They guy in the shop gave me heaps of advice, and explained which scope would be best for my needs, ie. portable and within my budget. I am really pleased with the Celestron Nexstar I bought.....have even managed to get hubbie into it now!!

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