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will my mount take the weight ?

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hi all i thinking of getting a skywatcher explorer 150 pl ota and was wondering if the mount that came with my celestron will take this scope

as i been having a look but cannot see weight and its only an inch bigger but longer tube

thanks star

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I don't know, but I think it'll probably struggle. The 150p weighs 4.93Kg (shorter tube, therefore lighter), compared to the 130 which weighs 3.66Kg... that's the SkyWatcher version.. so the may be a little different, but probably not by much. The 150pl may well be nearly double the weight of the 130, and the longer tube will exacerbate any wobbles.

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I don't think it will work either. The 150PL tube puts the EQ3-2 mount at it's very limits and that's a heavier duty mount than the Celestron 130 has. You need to think about a CG5 or EQ5 mount for the 150PL really I feel.

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thanks for the reply's i thought as much anyway i wanted the eq5 at a later date but thought this might be a cheaper way to upgrade. so i will just start saving for the eq5

scratch that(not as expensive as i thought) will i be able to add syncscan and goto to this mount . or does adding synscan make it a goto ?

and lastly would i be able to use the celestron md for the time being until i can afford duelaxis motors. would this mount be better for use with my 130(for imaging lunar and planets) than the mount i got as at the moment i cannot afford both

Skywatcher - Skywatcher EQ5 Deluxe

is this the one

as always a big help thanks

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I have the CG5-GT (basically an EQ5 with better legs, bearings and a goto) and the 150P.... And to be honest (for imaging) its really pushing it once you factor in the tube rings, imaging rig, finderscope and guidescope - which would be 8 or 9 Kg in total. Every gram counts :)

If I were you, I'd hold out for an HEQ5 becuase it will save you a lot of hassle if/when you try autoguiding.

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Following on from Uranium235.

I have a CG5-GT and SW200. 30seconds unguided is the limt in some parts of the the sky. On a good night (wind) in the right part of the sky (tracking & balance) I can get longer. But a CG5 with and 8" scope is really for visual, or bright (M42/M45) photo objects

Yet to try guiding on this setup. But I think it will end up being a smaller & lighter scope to get anywhere.

There i9s a lot to be said for buying the biggest mount that your wallet and back will handle. A solid mount gives flexibility in scope choice.

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I'm not sure that's the most cost effective route... I think that the SynScan upgrade kit, actually replaces the motors too.

total is £617 for the eq5 and later upgrade, or £486 to buy the SynScan up front. It's £327 for the eq5 plus dual axis motors.

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Or look secondhand. The EQ5/CG5 really do not fetch much secondhand, especially without motors. Even with dual drives and A1 condition, you shouldn't be paying more than £170-200. While standard HEQ5's come up for anything from £150 (rare) to £250 secondhand.

For planetary imaging the 150PL is highly capable and works well with the EQ5. But you'll need to factor in a Skywatcher Autofocus or Orion Accufocus. They attach to the focuser and allow hands-free focusing......huge benefit for imaging the planets.

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"I think that the SynScan upgrade kit, actually replaces the motors too."

i just looked and says that synscan kit comes with 2x stepper motors so im guessing i just need the the eq5 mount and synscan pro goto upgrade kit.

"or £486 to buy the SynScan up front."

this price seems good but maybe will look for second hand mount tripod .then get goto upgrade as i have a little while saving some funds maybe something will turn up

thanks again all


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