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Hi OneSG and welcome to SGL :)

An 8" Celestron is a great scope for starting in astronomy. I doubt you'll need anything else for a good while to come. So rather than getting a new scope, get yourself accustomed to the one you have - it'll give you many thrills for a long time. If you have any questions about it - start a thread in the Beginners Help section and possibly post a picture. Someone will be along to tell you all about your scope soon :(

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PalebluedotI know I have accessed the wonderful photograhpy of RobH. That stuff is absoluteley amazing.I did post a thank you for the other welcomers yesterday but the post never went in for some reason. Anyhow I acknowledge, again in most instances, nobby tate, david O, brantuk, Fija, michigander, and Astromart. Thank you for the regognition.

A bettertomorrow there can be no comparison between Wales and Leicester. Come home boyo.

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Hi Croy and Bunny.

On the advice offered to others, which I gleaned while perusing forum posts, I ordered the book. "Turn Left At Orion." It arrived today so I will be swatting up starting tonight.

Thank you all for the suggestions.

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