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Hi everyone. I am a newbie and know ziltch about astronomy.

I purchased a new 8" Celestron on a very large mount 3-4 years ago and it has not, as yet, been outside. I diidn't know about collimation or anything about setting up a scope. I purchased a laser collimator this week and I have been trying to understand how to go about things. The instructions I had with my scope were very basic and explained nothing really. I have a planisphere, which also came this week , and I have been trying to understand what I am looking at in the night sky.

I am currenty negotiating for a new 12" Celestron Dobsonian FlexTube. This may be easier for me to handle.

I live in North Wales and the night sky here is abosolutely fantastic. I don't have the light polution suffered by city dwellers.

There is no Astronomy club close to where I live as far as I know so, hopefully, I will be able to pick the brains of the more experienced on the forum.

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Hi and welcome,

I'm a newbie too and i was directed to astrobabies for help with collimation and found it easy enough to follow. the site also has infomation on other related topics.

good luck,


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Hi there Spikey.

The places you mention are quite some distance from me. When I say "quite some distance" it is about 40 miles off. I live on the very tip of the Llyn Peninsula near Aberdaron. PM me before your next visit and maybe we can arrange a meet. If you have a touring caravan there are some good sites here. The fishing is good too, if you fish

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